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Celllular Abroad has been in business since 2003. Since then, we have helped over 300,000 customers with their international cellular communications. The vast majority of our customers have been extremely satisfied with our services, which is also reflected in our Better Business Bureau A+ rating as well as on the ratings directly on our review pages on our own website. Unfortunately, Yelp Reviews , for the most part, are not complimentary to us and we strongly feel are not reflective of our products and service. Yelp by the way, ironically, is not BBB accredited.

Several years ago, Yelp, rather aggressively, approached Cellular Abroad offering us paid advertisement plans. While we had previously used their paid services, we decided to stop as their program was expensive and not effective. We explained to the rep that we were not interested in paying for advertising on Yelp and soon after, we noticed that our good reviews were not hidden. In addition, on many occasions, customers have told us that they had left a positive review for Cellular Abroad yet the reviews were never visible on Yelp. This is not uncommon. In fact, if you go to the Better Business Bureau's Yelp page, you will find over 1400 complaints. In addition, there has been lawsuits and FTC complaints about this extortion practice. Here is the link to the BBB:

Here are just a couple of the very latest reviews on the BBB page (as of December, 2018)

They try to extort money from me so that all of my reviews will show. I am EXTREMELY afraid that they will post a bad review for my company if I don't pay them. The sales people are bullies and I'm afraid to be rude to them to leave me alone. I have 17 five star reviews that only 9 of them show. Once they take away one of my reviews they call me wanting money.

We've had several good reviews up for a long time until we got a phone call to pay for their service to have reviews brought up first in search results. when we declined paying more money they removed all of our good reviews and put them in a non recommended category. They are punishing my small business for not buying their service. They're Crooks and need to be shut down once and for all.

Yelp is the worst rating system out there. It is unfair to the business and does no service to the customer and it all starts with their "algorithm." We have a very reputable and ethical company in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona and Yelp is hurting our business. We ask customers for reviews and currently (between the 2 locations) we have 18 reviews and well over 40 "not recommended reviews" that really showcase our high ethics and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. The "not recommended reviews" are hidden from the customer (not completely taken off though) and not factored into the rating. They say this "algorithm" is supposed to take out any reviews that could be false or fake. What it REALLY does is rob the company of good reviews and hurt the business. Yelp either needs to fix their ridiculous algorithm or allow a company to dispute the reason behind the "not recommended reviews." They allow you to publicly answer the reviewer if it is a negative review but half the time, its not even an actual customer. Who knows who it is! We respond to the customer to try to make an issue right but there is rarely a response. Does Yelp care, NOPE! I am very frustrated and i thank you for reading.

If you would like to read more about the extorsion lawsuit as well as the documentary that address Yelp's practices, please read here

Please keep this in mind when using Yelp's Reviews - not just for Cellular Abroad but in reviewing any company.

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