UK iPhone Rental Instructions
+1 310 862-7100

Please be sure to read these instructions before you leave!

Your service is live now!

Please do not use the phone until you arrive in the UK!
You are roaming in the US at $2 per minute incoming and outgoing.
You can power the phone on and connect to Wi-Fi.
You can add your Apple ID to the phone - please remember to delete this before returning the phone!

Once you arrive in the UK!
You must text ALL4 to 38885
This activates your service plan!

How to Dial/Text

Your UK Cell to USA: 001 - area code - phone number
US to UK Cell: 011 - Your UK number (starting with the 44)
Your UK Cell Number to UK: Direct Dial UK number
UK to Your UK Cell Number: 0 - your UK phone number (minus 44 country code)

Voice Mail Setup

*Please note calls to voicemail are charged at 15p ($0.23) per minute.

Checking Your Credit

Data Bundle Issues

Make sure your phone's APN is set to:

Make sure your Data is enabled and Data Roaming is set to on

Customer Service

iPhone Rental Checklist