Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to comment on the great service you provide. You folks are an A+ outfit. I ordered your sim and voucher card for the Bahamas and received them the very next day. Everything worked as promised and without a hitch. Unfortunately for my traveling companions, they had Cingular World roaming and could only receive calls. They ended up borrowing my phone! Once again, thanks for the great product.

My daughter decided to travel with a friend to Europe after their high school graduation. We thought it would be a  good idea for them to have cell phones to contact each other in the event they became separated, and to make local calls.

We did research whether to rent or purchase phones. We decided to rent phones from Cellular Abroad, using your convenient and well-priced companion plan. The phones arrived right on time for their trip. When they arrived in Europe, they had no problems whatsoever with the phones or making and receiving calls, even from us at home in the U.S. 

When it came time to purchase additional minutes of calling time, I sent an e-mail to customer service telling them I'd like to purchase $25.00 in additional calling time for each cell phone, and asking for instructions how to purchase the time. In reply, customer service advised me that they had placed the order for me and the additional minutes were  immediately available.

I was very impressed an apprciated cellular abroad's prompt and reliable service. I will use Cellular Abroad for all of our future trips and recommend you to all of our friends.
M. McCormick, Chicago

I purchased a cell phone from you that I recently used in France for 3 weeks. The experience was terrific! First of all, it was so EASY and convenient to use the phone and to buy the recharge cards for the phone.

Before leaving for France, I was a little worried about being able to find and use re-charge cards. Again, in reality, it was easy. I bought recharge cards whenever I needed them from a Tobac store that was conveniently located one block from my hotel. I loved having a phone with a local French phone number, which made it so easy for me to be in regular communication with friends in France. It was just like being at home with my US cell phone! I'm very glad I purchased the phone, and I look forward to using it again when I go back to France later this year.
Thanks for providing a great service!
K. Silber

I am a first time customer and I wanted to let you know that on this date I called your sales department to purchase a cell phone with SIM Card for the Ukraine. I spoke with a young man named Evan and he was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely concerned for assisting me in getting the right phone for my needs. He went above and beyond the call or regular customer service / sales. I fully researched your competitors and of the 15 total possibilities your prices for total packages were the best hands down!! Many wanted to rent the phone or stick you with a 2 year contract for which I would have no need. Most competitors phones did not list for less than $300.00 then came their outrageous roaming fees and such...Thank you for the service and I look forward to future business with your company.

Thank you for your excellent service. I will refer you to two other people who will be traveling to Europe.
Jack M

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My son would have had no cell phone (he's a minor) to call home with, if it weren't for your going the extra mile. This is such a comfort to us. I will always use your company in the future & will recommend it to everyone I know. Again, thank you for your patience and your help.
Deborah L

Thank you for the discount. My compliments are well deserved by you. I have never received this level of service and professionalism from an online source in the 8 years that I have been using the Internet to place orders. Again thank you, I look forward to receiving the product.

Thanks for such a prompt and informative email. We will be doing more business in the future and I will be sure to recommend your company to my friends.

I appreciate the help you have provided me on this. Please let your organization know that you were VERY responsive and made this complex concept (for me at least) go a lot more smoothly. It is rare in the web market that I have seen such responsiveness. Thanks again.

Once again you guys came through for me! I know it wasn't a usual destination request, but you got me a sim card prior to my departure, it worked perfectly (as always) & when our car broke down in the middle of NOWHERE in Bulgaria on a Sunday, I was REALLY thankful for the cell! You've come through in 3 for 3 for us (Thailand, Spain & now Bulgaria) so thanks!

Dear Friends at Cellular Abroad,
I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I arrived in Italy and found that your advertisement was true. All I did was activate my phone and made a call immediately. It was amazing and the calls were as clear as if I were at home. One of the most amazing discoveries was that I could go to the Tobacco shops in Italy give them my cell number and they could load extra time on my card automatically. I couldn't believe it ! Go into the shop, buy minutes in Euros and in just a few minutes they were loaded to my phone. Having one of your phones made our trip to Italy even better. We had friends that we traveled with and could keep in touch with them while on the autostrada and other cities. I'll never travel without your phone again.

You and your company are by far the most efficient and pleasant people and organization I have dealt with. I will be in touch with you regarding a rental in November and will repeat the 5 phone rental in February.

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail and say THANK YOU for a great service. The international cell phone worked out great, and the service you guys gave me was top shelf. I will definitely be contacting you in the future for this service again.

Thanks! I must say I have been delighted with your excellent service both in the US and in China. I'm not a wealthy businessman but a retired professor traveling with his family on a tight budget. Your good advice and quality products have helped us stay in touch with family and friends and make local contacts easy and affordable. Keep up the good work and count on us as future customers on our next trip to China.

I really LIKE to recognize and celebrate when I find a company that truly offers personal great service. I'm fond of telling people you can buy a certain specific product about anywhere - from eBay to Circuit City. What makes the difference is the service you receive from the vendor - especially with these electronic/computer items that most of us require a bit of hand holding to use. Enjoy your success - you've earned it.

The phone worked wonderfully and we were very happy with it. Will gladly recommend your company to others and we will use your services again as the need arises.

Just returned from Scandinavia. Used the phone and it worked great. I have another person on my staff now traveling with one. I appreciate being able to use it first hand and will recommend your company. Thanks. It's nice to be able to say I used it and it worked and it was easy. First hand experience is always the best.

Having a cell phone with me during my recent trip to France and Italy gave me such a level of comfort that is almost indescribable. I was able to communicate with my family on a daily basis during a rather stressful time for my husband. I used my SIM card minutes to notify my husband that I was available to talk with him. He would return my call, using a phone card that offered overseas phone service at a very low minute rate. Think about it! If ever I go abroad in the future, or I have friends who are going abroad, I will recommend your service, no question about it!! Thank you.

I was the envy of everyone on our cruise with my cell phone. It was very expensive to use the phone in our stateroom. If I travel out of the country again, I will be sure to use your service.

Our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland was exceptional - much to the use of the cell phones that we had from CellularAbroad. Thank you for expediting the shipment of them in order to have them meet us when we arrived.

Dear Cellular Abroad, I have had great results using the China Mobile SIM card I purchased from you and it is saving me a fortune on calls to the US.

First of all, I ordered an Italian SIM card from your company yesterday - of course I haven't received it yet. But I wanted to take a minute to give your company a compliment prior to asking a question.
As a long time CEO of both private and public companies I have often been frustrated with the low level of customer service that many organizations seem to accept in their dealings with customers. After ordering your SIM card I spent some time on your website to learn more about the "process" of using TIM while in Italy. I must say that your group has thought of everything - you have answered virtually everything that a customer might have issues with, and you have done so in a clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow manner, even understanding the potential for language issues.
Thank you for taking the time to set out your instructions so clearly - I hope the TIM service is as good as your own!

It is Sunday, October 15th, 2006 and we have just returned from Italy. The phone worked great and I will not hesitate to use your product the next time I travel abroad.


I want to compliment you on the professional way our account has been handled. The Motorola V66i phone functioned flawlessly with the SFR SIM card, and sound quality was excellent, both for local calls in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, and for long distance back to the U.S.

I recently purchased a Haier unlocked cellphone from your company with an International SIM card. I love my phone and will enjoy the SIM card. Is it possible to insert an Italian SIM card into the phone when I am in Italy and reduce the price per call, and then replace my International SIM card when I leave Italy? [Answer: Yes!]

I just spoke to someone out there & made arrangements for the phone. You guys are fantastic--you made everything easy for this not-too-swift-computer-wise scholar. thank you,

My trip was fantastic (I went to Sicily), and the phone worked perfectly. Your service was excellent and I will definitely use Cellular Abroad for my next European holiday.

The cell phone worked great while in Paris and Germany. When I travel abroad again, Cellular Abroad will be my first choice!

We were very happy with our rental phone. The calls we made were very clear and we had no problems getting through to the US. Also it helped my husband solve a medical problem - he was able to contact a colleague in the US about a medical problem one of our fellow passengers had in the middle of our Yangzi river trip. Thanks again and we will be in touch when we next need to rent a phone.

Just wanted you to know I excitedly received the Phone you shipped on Friday (5-13) today! You guys ROCK! Thanks for doing great customer service!

It worked really great. I was very pleased with the service. I will recommend Cellular Abroad to my traveling friends and plan to use the service again.

Having a phone during our trip was vital and the service was great. It was little difficult changing the language over to English, but after I called to get more cell time, everything was in English the rest of the trip. The response from Cellular Abroad following my call to get more time was great. Overall we were very pleased since it was not only convenient but was one thing we didn't have to worry about.

It worked great! I went into a t-mobil place and they added 15 euros for complaints...would use you again! Thanks so much,

My experience with Cellular Abroad was nothing short of spectacular. Having a local number made it easier for local contacts to get in touch with me and provided me with an economical way to stay in touch with those back home. Thanks!

It worked out great for us. We were spending 2 weeks in Italy and leaving behind our mothers who are both in their 80's. Since we are primary care givers, it was necessary for them to get in touch with us if needed. It was a great relief to carry our phone and know that they could get in touch with us. Thanks again,

All I can say it worked as promised and you guys delivered. What a great business idea. Good luck in the future. On our trip (we travelled with a large group) everyone asked about the service and I gave them your website.

Thanks for the rental cell phone, I was able to connect with my family/friends during the China trip. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for your excellent service You guys are great. I needed a phone sent to my partner in Australia and you made it painless. I m now ordering the same phone for myself. I'll keep telling everyone about your great company. If you ever go public, let me know.

It was extremely quick and pleasant dealing with your company. I'll be back.

The equipment performed as advertised and I will definitely use your service again. [Customer rented 13 phones for large group of people going to an event in Mexico.]

I have been reading Talk Abroad"! International SIM Card, I travel in Europe Zone 1 all the time and according to your site I can receive calls for free. Please relay my surprise at such a good service.

The phone was great, the trip was great and easy because we had the phone. I'll be renting from you again!

I'm glad that I was able to purchase the phone to use in France and Germany. There were some financial glitches at my financial institutions that caused me to call the US mainland many times per day to clear up their mistakes, mistakes that risked causing me many tens of thousands of dollars in payments that were essential to completing a project underway while I was travelling. It was no small feat to call the parties involved during my travels during their business hours to conduct dialogs with contractors who were waiting on my finances. As it turned out, all payments were made on time and the financial institution corrected their mistakes with a few faxes and phone calls. It is a very heady experience to be on the Paris metro doing business at one in the morning. As phones are not allowed while driving in Germany I could not use my cellphone on the Autobahn. However, I stopped as necessary while driving through Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin to make business calls as they were needed. I am very pleased with my decision to buy the V66 Motorola phone, it worked flawlessly.

Last September I rented a phone for our trip to Spain. We are going again This October. We leave on the 27th and return on November 6th. You were so wonderful the last time, you sent the phone one or two weeks earlier because we were having so many hurricanes and you wanted to make sure we had the phone. I do appreciate you service.

Having a cell phone was great. And, true to your word, it worked way down in the Aoelian Islands of Italy. Thanks

All went well with the cell phone and SIM cards. Any hiccups we had were easily addressed by the Digicel people in Jamaica. Thanks for offering this service. I will definitely use you again for similar trips!

My experience with the rental was excellent and I appreciate all your help. I will certainly use your services in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to my clients.

Yours is a great service. Worked great. I've already recommended you to multiple friends that will be travelling to france this summer.

Great experience. The phone powered up and went on the provider cell in Vienna, Austria as expected. The program works. Thanks for the service.

Thanks so much. The service was everything you promised. I particularly appreciated being able to talk to a friendly, helpful PERSON when I called with questions.

Phone worked like a charm...signals very good everywhere i went. Tel-Cel  cards available at lot of places...Thanks for everything.. I'll be in touch for next trip.

I purchased a mobile telephone from you in January. I was for my daughter who was going to FRANCE to study. both of us our quite pleased with our purchase. The phone is easy to use, and we are impressed with the voice clarity. Whenever she calls she sounds like she is in the next room as opposed to 3600 miles away. Accordingly, we have recommended your company to several of her friends.

Thank you for your fine service. All went as planned. I'm greatly impressed by Cellular Abroad's efficiency and organization.

Just wanted to send a fast email to let you know the phone worked out great!!! Getting new minutes at the airport was easy. Thanks again!!

I have been telling everyone about your great service! I still can't believe how easy it was. My 16 year old daughter was spending a month in Italy with another family. Even though she had access to land lines there, I just felt better getting her her own cell phone for the trip. That was the best idea I ever had. She set it up before she left, got off the airplane in Rome and called me to tell me she was there. Because I knew her phone number before she left, I called her every single day of the trip and she was able to fill me in on all of her adventures. Since she was flying back to the U.S. by herself, it was great to get that call from the Rome airport telling me she was at her gate and her flight was one time. She had great cell phone service in Italy, and it was easy for her to buy extra minutes for her phone. Without a doubt we will be using your service again in the future! Thanks...

We were the envy of every American tourist within earshot. Folks would come up to us when they heard us speaking English on the phone and they would ask, "Who are you using to make a call? My ATT phone will not work!!" Our recurring response was, "Cellular Abroad, of course." We are very satisfied customers.

The phone came in very handy for us when we needed to keep in touch. Our trip was great and even more relaxing as we were driving unfamiliar roads because of the phone. We will recommend you to our friends when they travel.
Thanks again,
Larry and Carolyn Farrar

Thanks so much for the update. The phones worked great! We were very pleased with your service, instructions, ease of use, etc. I know that if I go overseas again, I will use your company as my cell phone provider.

A good website, and a GREAT Service it will make my trip to the UK around Christmas much more enjoyable and make me feel much safer...

It worked great! When I called the US, there was no noticable delay, which surprised me. It was easy to use, and let me tell you, it saved our butts on several occasions. (Car trouble in the middle of nowhere, needing to change reservations, many other uses). Thanks so much for all your help on this matter. We will definitely use your services in the future because of this satisfactory product and wonderful customer service! Thanks again.

You guys have a great product. This is not the first time I have used your service, a really like how convenient it is to order the cards. My only suggestion is that I would recommend offering the prepaid minutes as well on the site. I know that when I travel, even though the cards are fairly easy to come by, if I could order the recharge minutes when I order the sim cards, it would be one less thing I would need to think about.

Keep up the good work and thank you for the service.

Loved having this service available. I will tell all my travelling pals about you. Thanks for the excellent product and service.

Dear Cellular Abroad,
I purchased a phone package from you & also the sim cards for Spain (when my daughter went) and Thailand (when we all went). It all worked just as you said it would!! I have told my travel agent about you & she may also be contacting you.

The telephone worked very well and we used it extensively throughout Ireland. The widespread availability of Vodaphone outlets made the process very convenient. Our experience with Cellular Abroad was very positive. Thank you.

This could not have worked more perfectly. I will use you all again on my next trip abroad.
Thanks again,

I wanted to let you know how great it was using your telephones during my family's recent trip to France. The SIM cards were easy to use and buying additional time was a "snap"; most of the locals I talked to in France use the same phone system for themselves. I've told just about everyone how easy and simple it was--I only wish your website could emphasize that ease and those differences even more. Thanks for a great product and great service. The telephone worked very well and we used it extensively throughout Ireland. Our experience with Cellular Abroad was very positive. Thank you.
MS, Winnfield LA

Wow - what great service you have! I have to add that it was so nice having the phone prior to our trip - had all my phone numbers all entered - both for the U.S. and our Italian hotels, family members and friends. So was all set when the plane landed. Which was a good thing because we had a late flight - landed in Malpensa in the early evening and took the airport bus to our first destination an hour and half trip that took two and a half hours because of a traffic accident on the autostrada. ....Our first phone call was to our daughters back here in CA to let them know we'd landed and also to activate the phone. Our second call was to the hotel from the traffic jam on the autostrada to let them know we'd be late but to "please" hold our room. - Their answer was "non c'e nessuno problema - no problem"
Thanks again,

The phone was wonderful! Our luggage was lost for 9 days of our 14 day trip. The phone was a lifesaver for calling the airlines every day! If you ever need a "poster child" for why anyone should rent a phone when going overseas, we're it...

The phone worked great! We used the phone in Spain for a week with no problems. You probably knew it would - but I get a lot of people that promise me things that don't happen.
KM, Avon MA

I just returned from a picture perfect 18 days in France and your phone played a big role in that perfect time. Everything worked just the way you said it would, the phone worked everywhere, the "mobi-charge card" was available in the local Tabac and I'm a happy customer hoping to be a repeat customer next year. Thanks for such a good product and such good service.

It was a great feeling of comfort to have a cell number to leave behind, and we found the phone
useful on a variety of occasions. Even my husband, who was skeptical of the need for a phone, admitted it came in handy. I appreciate your courteousness and efficiency.
MW, Brentwood TN

The phone and SIM cards worked very well in Australia and New Zealand. Thank you and we'll keep you in mind for our future trips!
LC, Seattle WA

Thank you. Excellent service you provide. I will recommend your service to my friends...
RR, Mill Valley CA

I found the phone to be of great use on my trip to Finland. The reception was incredible! I will certainly consider using Cellular Abroad if I travel overseas again. Thanks again.

great site, great service, already recommending it to folks that I know...

I thought your service on the front end was excellent. All my questions were answered before I left. The shipment arrived on time. The enclosed instructions were concise and accurate. Two phones, one for my wife and I and the other for my son traveling in another part of the country, gave us peace of mind and allowed us to keep up with each other.
Would and did recommend your company to others.

I purchased an Ericsson R520m from you in May for our trip to Italy ....the trip was great and so was the phone!

Thank you. I have received the package and have installed the card and am now ready to go! Great service!! Thanks again.

It was great to have use of a cellular phone in Italy. We were able to "call ahead" to hotels, restaurants & other places that we needed to contact. I will certainly use your service again when I travel in Europe.

The cell phone worked out perfect, it was great to have. I have mentioned your service to several of my friends who are traveling to Europe.
Thanks again

The phone worked great and the only time the signal got low was when I was inside old buildings that had thick stone blocks for walls. Otherwise it worked great all over the Yorkshire part of England.

The cell phone worked great. It was easy to use and kept me in touch with my loved ones at home. Thanks for providing such good service.
Another Satisfied Customer,

Ahhhh.... lots of stories...lost luggage...late planes....wrong turns....damaged Mastercard....but a wonderfully clear, incredibly convenient, affordable, cellular connection to the states. That, thanks to you! What a smart move on my part. :)

The phone work great. Never had any trouble getting a signal. Thanks for the service.

Thanks for the prompt response to the return and credit issue . The phone worked very well all over Rome and Florence and was a lifesaver from a business point of view. I will use your service next year when I go back.

The phone worked perfectly and was extremely easy to use - you can use me as a reference any time.

What a great service. Thanks. Made the trip very easy.

All went well, trip was wonderful. The phone worked like a champ!

The phone was a life saver. will suggest your service to everyone i know.
thanks again

The phone really was great to have since we were closing a big deal!!!! Thanks for the great service!

We loved the phone and will certainly recommend your company to all our friends who are traveling overseas.

We were pleased with the service your company provided and will recommend you to friends and family traveling abroad.

Our experience with the cell phone was great. We kept in touch with our kids at all times. Thanks again for your efficient service.

The rental and service was great! I will be sure to recommend your service to others and when I return to Europe I will call you again.

GREAT SERVICE, very convenient and helpful! Thank you!!

Just a note of thanks for the cellular phone rental while I was traveling in Italy. It was indispensable. We used it everyday to keep in touch with relatives in Italy and back in the States. It was a great help when we were lost and needed directions, when we needed to confirm reservations and when our plans changed at the last minute. I will surely contact you the next time I travel abroad.

If it wasn't for then I would've spent a bundle of money. I am sure I would've either used the inferior U.S. cell phone providers or rented from a company that would have charged me more than what I paid to own a phone. I don't know any cellular provider that can beat the 17 cents a minute calling the U.S. from Australia that offered. I recommend these guys wholeheartedly.
Johnny Jet

I will be using your service anytime I travel out of the country. It was easy to use and the incoming calls worked out perfectly as my family and office had immediate access.
M. P.

Your service sounded too good to be true and I have to admit that at first, I was more than a bit skeptical. How could it be that you guys offered free incoming calls while everyone else was asking $2 a minute!?!? I got to admit, you made a believer out of me - everything was exactly like you said. Last year I spent almost $2,000 for keeping in touch with the office, this year it was practically free. I'm telling all my friends and associates about you.
Gratefully yours,

I am returning the international cell phone I rented from you. It worked great - no problems. I'm also returning the card that let it work in France - there's probably still time on it - maybe someone else can use it. My parents are having some health problems and it was comforting to know I could be reached by cell phone while I was away, had it been necessary (it wasn't, fortunately).

Grazie mille, the Ericsson phone was really great. It worked easily and was much better than last year, including the Tim service rather than Omnitel. Of course much cheaper to have people phone to me always!!! Many thanks for your help before the trip.

You really provide a terrific and valuable service to your clients!
Let's Go Publications

I want to thank you all too---the phone was terrific and your instructions were also terrific---especially for the 'cell phone challenged'---it worked all the time and it was great to have contact with my family back in the states.
Thanks again--I will recommend you to me friends and definitely use your service in the future.

I am especially grateful for all your help - I got no cooperation or advice even from my own service provider. So thanks for all your help - I am providing feedback to a few rodents in this country on how customer service should be handled and using you as a good example of how it should be done!
Thanks again for everything.
S. C. (Australia)

My wife and I were so glad we found your company on the internet. Our two oldest kids (14 and 12) were going to France with my parents for eight days. Part of the time, they were to be on a riverboat, with no phone access. It was so reassuring to be able to speak with them each day. The trip started out poorly. Their Atlanta to Paris plane was delayed 2 1/2 hours and we were very worried they would miss their connection and their travel group. It was so nice to get a call from them saying everything was fine.
The ability to call them for no additional cell phone charge was the best feature. They could call us with a short one minute call, and we could call them back at a much reduced rate.

Please accept my thanks and congratulations on a most satisfactory experience with your company. I recently rented a mobile for use in Ireland. Your staff was helpful and informative. The product worked perfectly. So perfectly that I have decided to keep the mobile for myself! I heartily recommend your services to anyone traveling abroad!
J. D.

I certainly will let my friends know about your services and professional customer service. I went round and round with AT&T regarding their misinformation to me. Meanwhile, I will buy an unblocked phone to have, or get mine unblocked somehow, and will call on you again when I return to France.

Thank you. I had a great experience. It is good to know that you can give out your number and that you don't have to rush off the line when you receive calls.
M. H.

I was very, very happy to have the phone - it really helped a large group of people spread around Berlin (mostly in hotels without room phones) coordinate a wedding and the attendant events and outings.
If I get another chance to go abroad, you'll be hearing from me!
M. O.

You bet I was satisfied! It was so easy to order, easy to use the phone and easy to recharge. You answered all my questions so quickly and you sent the phone within a tight timeframe. And you did it all with utmost coolness! You all made it so simple for me. Ever since I had the phone in my hands I've told everyone that I went to to rent it and how great it was and how fast I got the phone. I am now thinking of going to Brazil at the end of the year (or maybe back to southern Italy). I'll definitely come back to you to rent so be sure to wait for an e-mail from me later this year. You guys are the best! Keep up the fabulous service. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs a phone in another country.
C. F.

The phone worked well - I had no trouble with it, and indeed the process for topping up the time was as straight forward as the information suggested. Consider me a completely satisfied customer!

The service was great and the telephone was perfect for traveling in Ireland. Thanks Much

We had a wonderful trip and we were very happy to have the cell phone. Turned out that my parents were able to come over and join us, and the phone made it so much easier to make those arrangements. We had our daughters traveling around at the same time, so it really was invaluable. We will definitely use your services again and would recommend you to friends traveling abroad.
N. O.

I had a great trip and the phone made it a worry-free experience. It worked perfectly. Thank you
S. O.

You're the best! The Motorola V66 w/Italy SIM worked out great. Mr. & Mrs. K. had virtually no problems at all. The only minor hitch was that they couldn't find a place to buy Ricaricard refills in the little resort village of Stresa, 80 km north of Milan. Otherwise, they had a great experience. Thanks so much for ALL of your help.
S. S.

Just a note to thank you guys for sending the second phone for our wedding in Spain - it was very helpful.

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