Frequently Asked Questions 

How long can I keep my phone number? 
You will need to purchase at least one recharge voucher for $29 each 365 days in order to retain service and the corresponding phone number to your account. Your prior credit doesn’t expire but rather will accumulate with the new credit. 

How many free incoming calls can I receive?

There is no limit to how many free incoming calls you can receive. Please keep in mind that free incoming calls are available in 99 countries. There are some countries where you will be charged for the incoming calls. Please refer to the pull down menu for rates. 

Do I need a travel converter? 
If you purchase or rent the Travelocity Talk Abroad Travel Phone, you will not need a travel converter for the power supply nor plug adapters as they are included with both our rental and purchase packages. If you purchase a SIM only package, you may need a plug adapter for the socket. Cellular Abroad has them available for sale. Regarding the power supply, the vast majority of international enabled cell phones have variable voltage power supplies. Check your manual or the back of the power supply for the voltage range to ensure that your personal cell phone has a variable voltage range. All cell phones either purchased or rented from Cellular Abroad have this capacity.   
How much does it cost to call to my cell phone (ex. From the US)?

That depends on the carrier that is being used to call you. Cellular Abroad has no influence over what other companies chose to charge their customers for outgoing calls. A useful tip: In order to save money, we recommend people to call you using a calling card, Skype or Gorilla Mobile: l

Can I receive/send email from my phone?

The Travelocity Talk Abroad Travel Phone does not have email capabilities. You can send and receive SMS messages. Please keep in mind, however, that international text messages are never 100% guaranteed. 

How much does it cost people to text my cell phone (ex. From the US to my cell)?

Text rates depend on a carrier’s text rates to text a UK based phone number. You can also get 3 free outgoing text messages from our website /smsinfo.php 
How do I add talk time to my account? 

You can add talk time to your cell phone at your convenience either prior to your departure or during your trip. Prior to your departure, call our 800 number or add talk time to your account at During your trip you may dial 101 from your handset. This is a 24/7 service.

How do I order? 
You may order the phone rental, phone package or SIM card either directly online or by calling our 800 number. 

When do I order? 
You may order at any time prior to your departure. If you decide to purchase a SIM card or a phone package, it makes no difference even if you receive the item(s) months before your trip as there is no monthly fee. If you are considering renting, you may order at your convenience but we will send the phone to you so that it arrives approximately 2-3 business days prior to your departure. 
What happens if I lose my phone? 
If you lose your rental phone or purchased phone, you may be covered by your credit card’s insurance policy. Please check with your credit card provider for details. In any event, you will never be charged more than your $210 deposit. 
Can I purchase insurance for my rental phone? 
Cellular Abroad does not offer insurance for rental phones. 
How do I dial to/from my Travelocity Talk Abroad phone?
To dial to your phone from a US or Canada phone, dial 011-44 and then the number (011 is to get an international line and 44 is the country code for the UK, which the service is based out of). To dial from your Travelocity phone, if you have purchased the Travelocity Talk Abroad Travel Phone package, dial the country code followed by the area code and the phone number (ex. 1-212-555-1212). If you purchased just the SIM card or are renting a phone, you will need to dial 00 followed by the country code, area code and phone number. 

Is this a call back type of service? 
If you purchase the Travelocity Talk Abroad Travel Phone, the calls go through seamlessly and there is no call back. If you rent a phone or purchase a stand alone SIM card, there is a call back feature. What this means is that when you place an outgoing call, the phone will ring and you will need to press a key to respond as if someone were calling you. Why does this occur? When you place a call, your phone is actually sending a text message to the number and when the call is connected, it notifies the caller by ringing back.

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