T-Mobile International Cell Phone Service Information

T-Mobile probably has the best international cell phone rates of all the major US carriers. There is no activation fee or monthly fee and many of the phones that they offer are compatible for international cellular service. Rates range from $0.99 for most of Western Europe to as high as $4.99 per minute for more exotic countries such as Russia and Albania. These rates are for incoming as well as outgoing calls.

While these rates are very competitive, they are no where near as inexpensive as the rates that Cellular Abroad offers. For the vast majority of countries, Cellular Abroad offers unlimited free incoming calls and outgoing rates back to the United States averaging about $0.50 per minute and as low as 4 cents per minute from Hong Kong. What most people do, whenever possible, is to have people call them back - especially if you are paying for it anyway (such as a spouse calling you from home) or if it's a company expense.

If you are currently a T-Mobile cell phone user and your cell phone happens to be compatible with the overseas networks (meaning that it's a triband cell phone that can be used with 1900, 900 and 1800 Mhz), you may be better off roaming with your US cell phone IF you are planning on using the phone strictly for emergencies, especially if you are traveling to one of the less expensive countries. Many of Cellular Abroad's customers that are T-Mobile customers in the United States have triband phone that they have had unlocked through T-Mobile. That means that they have asked T-Mobile for a special code that, once typed into their cellphone, allows it to accept any SIM card. Once they have done that, your phone is ready for one our Country Specific SIM Cards. A country specific SIM card will give you cell phone service in a specific country and along with the cell phone service, you will get the same exact rates that the locals benefit from, including unlimited free incoming calls for most countries. Another benefit of this system is that you are in control of your expenses. As the service is prepaid, you will never get a surprise bill. Basically, you will receive a SIM card with some credit on it (it varies from country to country) and if you need to add more talk time to the SIM card, you can easily do so by going to a convenience store and getting a recharge voucher. For more information, please visit www.cellularabroad.com.

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