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Ready to make a side-by-side comparison of our offerings or get an interactive presentation of our service? If so, click the "Buying Guide" link to the right. To get an illustrated overview of how our overseas phone solution works, please read on.

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Welcome to the smartest way to make cell phone calls when traveling abroad! Cellular Abroad offers an intelligent alternative to traditional, high-cost worldwide cellular communication. Please take a few minutes to read this brief overview which illustrates how inexpensive and simple it can be to make and receive cellular calls while overseas.

Cellular Abroad allows you to take advantage of the local cell phone rates in the country or countries to which you will be traveling. This revolutionary concept is unlike previous international cell phone options which were limited to renting a phone at the airport or paying expensive roaming rates through your current cell phone provider. All outgoing call rates are usually just fractions of a dollar per minute - even for international calls back to the US - plus, in nearly every country, you get unlimited, FREE incoming calls to your cell phone regardless of the call origin.

We FedEx ship your package to your home or office prior to your trip so that you will be able to make and receive calls from the moment you step off the plane. To view our shipping rates, please visit our Customer Support page.

It's Easy
Simply purchase or rent one of our GSM phones and buy the appropriate pre-paid SIM card for your destination country (or countries) and you have everything you need for maximum savings on overseas cellular communication. The credit-card sized SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card has a pop-out chip that fits into your GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. Note the golden square on the SIM chip. This goes face-down to make contact with sensors on the phone.

Here's How it Works
The SIM card is the "brain" of the phone. It has a small computer chip embedded into the plastic that stores the cell phone number, settings, messages and other data necessary for the handset to function. The cards also store available call credit information and come with some call credit at the time of purchase. To use, just  insert the SIM card "chip" you purchase into your GSM cell phone and you are ready to make and receive cell phone calls abroad. If you already own an unlocked GSM cell phone, you only need to purchase the appropriate SIM card for the country or countries where you travel. The SIM "chip" fits into a slot or tray where metal sensors make contact with the gold contact surface on the SIM card.

Please note that our SIM cards only work with unlocked GSM phones that are compatible for use overseas, like our dual-band GSM phones for use in over 190 countries, and our tri-band versions with service in the United States and Canada. Most GSM phones sold in the US will not support our SIM cards. (ex. Those sold by T-Mobile and Cingular).

The Pre-paid System
All the SIM cards we sell work on a pre-paid (also known as pay-as-you-go) system. With pre-paid calling, you are always on top of your phone expenses and there are no heart attacks when you receive your phone bill. Your SIM card will come with a base number of call credits—the specific amount will vary from country to country. (Since our goal is getting customers into local phone plans, each country has its own unique providers.) When you have used up this credit or whenever you want to add more to the existing amount, you can "recharge" (also known as "reloading" or "topping-up") the SIM card in your phone by purchasing a recharge voucher card at a local convenience outlet such as a magazine stand, tobacco shop, 7/11-type store or at the corresponding phone store. These are sold in different denominations. The main exception is for the Talk Abroad, our international SIM card that works in over 100 countries. For the Talk Abroad, you may add talk time by calling us or ordering online. Due to popular demand, we also stock recharge cards for some–but not all–of our country-specific SIM cards.

Above is a typical recharge voucher card. This is from the Orange UK company and will add 20 pounds of call credit to a Orange UK SIM card installed in your GSM phone.

A "Tabacchi" shop. In Italy, these sorts of stores sell "Ricaricards"- recharge voucher cards for Italian pre-paid SIM cards. Always make sure to purchase recharge cards from the same carrier as that providing your phone service!

Typical recharge voucher rear view. This is the rear view of an Orange France SIM card. The protective coating has been scratched off to reveal the recharge code. The instructions for this card say to dial 224 and then enter the 14-digit recharge code. The card also states how long the recharge will extend the service life of the SIM card as well as till what date the recharge card is valid.

What You Will Need

You have the option of either renting or purchasing a cell phone from us.

Please click here for information regarding owning versus renting a GSM phone. Most of our customers prefer purchasing a phone over a rental because benefits of ownership are considerable. If you purchase a tri-band or quad-band phone, you can use it in the United States as well as abroad. Then, on your next trip to a different country, all you'll need to do is to purchase a SIM card.


Your choices regarding handsets and SIM cards for global communication are vast and can be confusing at times. To help simplify your decision, we have used our expertise to put together optimal package deals that save you money while providing everything required for immediate mobile communication upon arrival at your destination. Our package deals are considerably less than purchasing a phone and SIM card separately.

Please visit our Pre-Paid SIM/GSM Cell Phone Packages page for more details.


While most people prefer to purchase a phone, we also provide you with the option of renting a GSM cell phone. All our rentals feature a quality Ericsson, Haier, or Motorola handset. All you need to do is purchase the appropriate SIM card or SIM cards. You have the option of purchasing the international SIM card or individual SIM cards depending on your needs.

For further information including detailed rates, please go to our Rent a Cell Phone page

If you are traveling to multiple destinations, please click here for further information.

You can also get answers to our most frequently-asked questions here.

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