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While most US and Canadian cellular providers have roaming plans for Spain, carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and others offer extremely limited - yet expensive, options. Cellular Abroad specializes in cellular and data service for the traveler. Since 2002 we have helped over 300,000 travelers with their data and cellular service. Not only will you save big through Cellular Abroad but we offer important features that your current provider cannot offer at any price. For example, if you have friends and family in Spain and you use your usual number, the Spaniards will have to pay international rates in order to reach you - assuming they understand how to dial a North American phone number in the first place. Cellular Abroad's SIM card for Spain offers a Spain phone number with the option of either retaining your usual cell phone number from back home or getting a new US number. Hence, our services have the option of having both a US phone number and a Spain number. That way, it will be a local call regardless of who calls you. In addition, US and Canadian providers have lots of extra fees, particularly if you go over their plan. You can unknowingly come back home with a huge roaming bill. Our service is prepaid and the possibility of having an unexpected charge is impossible. In addition, we offer something that AT&T, Verizon and others don't offer. Our Wi Fi hotspot is a device that gives you a high speed Wi Fi signal on the go. Less expensive than what most hotels charge per day for Wi Fi, our Spain hotspot rental offers a secure connection that allows you and anyone else that has your password to connect to the internet with any Wi Fi enabled device including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

We also offer Spain SIM cards, phone rentals and purchases. If your phone is unlocked and works internationally, you can simply purchase a SIM card designed specifically for use in Spain. If you have a tablet or only need data, we offer a data SIM card that gives you virtually unlimited data connectivity for Spain. If your phone is not unlocked, we also rent cell phones for Spain. Travelers who plan on staying for an extend trip, such as study abroad students will often opt for a cell phone package designed specifically for this purpose.

All of our solutions are designed specifically to be used in Spain but if your trip involves side trips to other European destinations, the service does roam outside of Spain for low rates. If you need help deciding what service fits your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives have been at Cellular Abroad for an average of over 5 years and will give you valuable tips and information on how to choose the best solution for your individual requirements.

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