Pre paid Satellite Phone Rentals

Satellite Phone Rentals

While Cellular Abroad offers the lowest possible cell phone rates for many international destinations, 86% of the world's landmass and all of its oceans are with limited or no cellular nor landline coverage and where the easiest and best possibility for staying in touch is with a Global Satellite Phone.

Satellite phones have long been used for industrial applications such as heavy construction, military, mining, forestry, maritime, oil and aviation industries as the only option for being able to communicate with the outside world. Satellite rental phone service rates have been too expensive for the vast majority of potential travelers—until now.

Cellular Abroad is proud to offer an affordable pre paid satellite service with unlimited FREE incoming calls!

Global Satellite Phone Rental Rates
1-7 days 8-14 days 15-28 days
$99.00* $179.00* $249.00*
*Plus the cost of one prepaid airtime airtime voucher for up to 240 minutes - choose the airtime voucher you need during checkout

To set up your satellite phone rental, please print and fill out this order form, then fax it to 1-206-878-8314 or call 1-800-746-1462 to place your order over the phone.

With a Cellular Abroad satellite phone, there is complete and total coverage anywhere in the world as long as you have a clear line of reception to the sky. Outgoing calls cost less than two dollars per minute and you can receive unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world! And since the calls are prepaid, you are always in control of your expenditures and will never receive an unexpected phone bill. Whether you are traveling on a cruise, climbing a mountain, backpacking through South America or visiting one of the many areas where there is unreliable or zero cellular or landline coverage, Cellular Abroad's prepaid satellite service has you covered. This is the only solution for truly being able to travel the globe with one phone, one rate and one phone number.


  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls
  • One rate anywhere in the world - $1.99 per minute
  • Bulk discounts - Get a rate of $1.57 per minute when you prepay 240 minutes!
  • Coverage anywhere in the world
  • No confusing zones and no confusing rates or unpredictable roaming charges
  • A light weight and compact satellite phone
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges, unexpected bills or credit check
  • Excellent digital clarity
  • Easy to use

Your Satellite phone rental includes

  • One global satellite phone with a battery, fully charged and ready to go
  • International plug adapters
  • International 110-220 volt charger
  • 12 volt car charger

If you receive your Satellite rental devoid of any of the listed items, please contact us immediately.

Rental periods will commence from the day that your package is shipped until the date that the phone rental is dropped off or picked up by UPS in order to be returned to Cellular Abroad. The tracking information will advise us regarding the drop off date.

Cellular Abroad offers standard 3-day UPS shipping to the U.S. and charges the actual shipping rate which includes a prepaid return shipping label. 2nd day, overnight, and international shipping is also available. All satellite phones are shipped fully insured.

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