Recharge / Credit Vouchers for our SIM Cards

Recharge / Credit Vouchers for our SIM Cards

Many of our customers have requested that we offer recharge cards / vouchers in addition to our prepaid SIM cards. While it's true that recharge cards are available in many retail outlets, there are times when people prefer to have their airtime credit pre-purchased. Since recharge cards simply supply a code number which one uses in a simple automated procedure to apply talktime credit, the recharge codes can be sold via email or over the phone. Note: We can only sell phone-in or email-order recharge codes to previous customers. In seconds, you can buy additional talktime credit, allowing you to extend your calling time. Cellular Abroad is bringing a new level of convenience to prepaid cellular calling!

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If you're looking for a solution for a busy executive, a student traveling abroad or if you're planning a trip at an exclusive resort without access to transportation, it's extremely convenient to be able to purchase additional recharge cards before your trip. Since a recharge card is basically a disposable card with a recharge code, we are also able to sell you the recharge code over the phone or by email to your overseas location while you're on the road. (With the exception our Talk Abroad international recharge, you will need to apply the recharge code yourself from your own handset.)

In addition to our country-specific prepaid SIM cards, we also offer our Talk Abroad SIM card, which allows you to roam seamlessly from country to country with one phone number while still enjoying excellent rates. We can easily recharge this card ourselves, making this card not only flexible, but extremely convenient. For most travelers that are going to 2 or more countries, an international SIM card from Cellular Abroad is an unbeatable option. The Talk Abroad SIM card also offers unlimited free incoming calls in all of Western Europe (as well as a handful of other countries) making it the perfect SIM card for people traveling to Europe.

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