Latin America Cellular and Data Plans

Cellular Abroad offers a vast array of choices for travelers to Latin America who need an affordable way to keep in touch. All of our services are pay as you go - you will never get an unexpected bill. If you purchase a SIM card, rent a phone or purchase a phone package, you will have one SIM card for any country in Latin America. In addition, we offer several cell phones for purchase that have a slot for a secondary SIM card. The advantage of having a secondary SIM card slot is that you can put a local SIM card into the phone. For example, if you are traveling to Argentina and will be there for several weeks, you may want to have a local number. You can get a local SIM card and put it into your phone while retaining the Latin America SIM that works all over in the phone at the same time. It is like having two phones in one.

If your phone is unlocked, meaning, it can take a different SIM card than the usual provider's, you can purchase a stand-alone SIM card. Latin American SIM cards are available in nano, mico and standard sizes. If your phone is locked, you will need to rent or purchase a cell phone. We offer several rental options for Latin America as well as several handset options available for purchase. If you only need data, we offer a data SIM card that works virtually everywhere in Latin America We also offer Mi Fi hotspot Rentals and purchases. A Mi Fi is a wireless Wi Fi hotspot that gives you high speed internet connectivity any time you need it. This is a popular solution for travelers who have multiple devices.

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