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The National Geographic Talk Abroad 'Lite' Phone

SIM Card Purchase for Jamaica
Need a phone with this SIM?

Detailed Features
Info & Rates Chart
Coverage Map
Operating Instructions
Need a phone?

Priced at only $69.95

Cellular Abroad SIM Card for Jamaica
A Jamaica Prepaid SIM Card from Lime, in conjunction with the correct GSM cell phone, allows you to have a Jamaican cell phone number and to take advantage of the low rates that the local Jamaicans pay for cellular service - and all without a cellular contract. The rates are extremely advantageous and even include unlimited FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world.

Information and Talk Rates Chart

Key Features
  • Local cell phone number for Jamaica
  • Free incoming
  • Voicemail
  • Text Messaging
Initial Credit

$5.00 JMD 

Domestic Talk Rates

Incoming Free
US$0.29 Peak Times
(M-F 7am-7pm)
US$0.17 Off-Peak

International Talk Rates *

Incoming Free
$0.30 USD

International Talk Rates *

Incoming Free
$0.30 USD

*You can find detailed rate information here.

Detailed Features

  • Your own Jamaican mobile phone number without a service contract
  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls
  • International rate to the US of $17.75 JMD per minute (approx. 27 US cents)
  • Rates within Jamaica as low as $8 JMD (app. 14 US cents)
  • No Connection Fee
  • Per-Second Charging (save up to 33% compared to per-minute charging)
  • Peak and Off-Peak Rates
  • Top up when you need to with FLEXcards and Flex-e-cards available in $100, $200, $300 and $500 Jamaican Dollars
  • Direct Dial International Calls
  • Lowest possible mobile rates
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Calling Line Identity
  • Calling Line Restriction
  • Call Barring

You will need to have an unlocked GSM phone capable of operating in the 900 and 1800 MHz GSM bands. Due to compatibility issues, this SIM card is NOT compatible with Ericsson R520 or Haier D6000 phones.

Note: You cannot use the Digicel Jamaica SIM card in the United States.

Checking Your Credit:
You can check your account balance anytime in Jamaica. All you have to do is type *120# and press SEND. The system will send back a message to confirm your balance and expiry date.

Recharging Your SIM Card:
To add more call credit to your Digicel SIM card, you will need to purchase a recharge card, known as a "FLEXcard" or a "Flexecard" (at right) which will come with a unique code number. With a simple phone call to an automated service, your code number will allow you to apply credit to your prepaid cellular account. "FLEXcards", may be purchased in denominations of 100, 200, 300 and 500 Jamaican Dollars at many convenience stores and Digicel distributors in Jamaica. A $500 JMD FLEXcard may also be purchased from Cellular Abroad for just $24 prior to your trip. Busy executives, students and people with limited transportation find this an excellent solution for their needs.

Jamaica (Digicel) FLEXcard $500 JMD Prepaid Recharge Card
only $24.00 for $500 JMD of talk time credit

Have extra talk time credit to add to your prepaid account as soon as you arrive. Each $500 JMD recharge gives about 24 minutes of calls to the US or Canada or about 25 minutes in Jamaica. Incoming calls are free while in Jamaica.

In addition to ordering online before or during your trip, you can always call Cellular Abroad at 1-310-862-7100 and order a recharge code. Since it's easy to check your credit and since you can purchase recharge codes over the phone, it's extremely easy to keep talktime credit available. Don't forget that incoming calls are free, so you'll always be able to receive calls within the service life of your SIM card. Please note that we can only provide this service to Cellular Abroad customers.

Detailed Rates
Rates are expressed in Jamaican Dollars (JMD) and are quoted for per-minute charges but are charged on a per-second basis. One US Dollar is approximately $58 Jamaican Dollars (ex. Per-minute talk time from your cell phone in Jamaica to the US is approx. only 30 US cents). For up-to-date currency exchange rates, use the Currency Converter. Text messages (SMS) are $3 JMD to send and free to receive.

  Peak** Off Peak**
Digicel to Digicel $10.00 JMD - ($0.17 USD) $8.00 JMD - ($0.13 USD)
Digicel to National Fixed Lines $17.00 JMD - ($0.29 USD) $10.00 JMD - ($0.17 USD)
Digicel to Other Mobile Operators $17.00 JMD - ($0.29 USD) $15.80 JMD - ($0.27 USD)
Voicemail $12.00 - ($0.21 USD) $10.00 JMD - ($0.17 USD)

**Peak Times are Monday-Friday 7am-7pm. All other times are Off Peak.

International (any international destination, including the US)
$17.75 ($0.30 USD)

Digicel has 95% coverage in all major towns and cities across Jamaica. View a coverage map of our service in Jamaica

Service Life:
Please remember that you have 60 days in which to top-up your digiFLEX account after initial activation of the card or 60 days after topping-up your SIM via a FLEXcard or Flex-e-card voucher. If you fail to do this, your account will be deactivated. You will be able to receive calls but will need to top-up in order to make an outgoing call. If your account remains dormant for an additional 60 days, your account will automatically be terminated. To continue using the Digicel service, you would have to purchase a new SIM card and a new number would be provisioned.

For a more detailed set of instructions and procedures for the Digicel Jamaica SIM card, click here.

Multi-Country Travel
You can also purchase other SIM cards as well for other countries to where you may be traveling. (This option is good for those planning on doing a lot of local calling.) We also offer an international roaming National Geographic Talk Abroad™ SIM Card that is convenient for travel to multiple countries. (This option is useful for those wanting a single number for use in multiple countries and who will be making more calls back home than locally.)

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