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Dual Cell Phone Rental w/ SIM Card for Italy
Italy SIM Information

Standard GSM Cell Phone & SIM Rental Rates
1-7 days 8-14 days 15-28 days 29-42 days 43-56 days
$40.60* $68.60* $98.00* $138.00* $178.00*
Departure Date? Return Date?

Compare prices with our Phone & SIM purchase packages for Italy.

Deluxe Cell Phone Rental Rates (WiFi-enabled phone)
1-7 days 8-14 days 15-28 days 29-42 days 43-56 days
$82.60* $118.00* $158.00* $198.00* $238.00*
*PLUS the price of (2) initial call credit voucher ($38 for €10 each). This credit is necessary for your service to work - it will be in your cart when you check out. This gives you 28 international or 112 local minutes! (estimated time - excludes multiple €0.16 flagfall costs) See per minute rates below!
Departure Date? Return Date?

Information and Talk Rates Chart

Key Features
  • Locasl phone number for Italy
  • Free incoming calls
  • Free Voicemail Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • €10 Initial Credit
Initial Credit

65 min. Domestic
32 min. to U.S. & Canada

Calls to Italian Numbers

Incoming Free

Calls to International Numbers

Incoming Free
US$0.44/min to U.S. & Canada
US$0.65/min everywhere else

Text / SMS Rates

Incoming Free /
US$0.16 ea. domestic /
US$0.44 ea. international

Please visit our Italy Pre-Paid SIM Card page for further information including exact rates.

You also get 2:

  • uno mobile for italyItaly cell phone numbers with service through UnoMobile
  • Easily-added additional talk time by pre-purchasing recharges before or during your trip from Cellular Abroad or locally at many points of sale in Italy, including gas stations, newspaper stands or cafes.
  • 7 days/week toll-free (from a landine) English customer support.
  • 7 days/week recharge service (add talk time when you need it)
  • Great rates and service!
  • Initial € 10 recharge gives about 28 minutes of calls to the US, Canada or about 112 minutes within Italy
  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls and SMS messages
  • Calls in Italy as low as $0.22 USD per minute.
  • Calls back to the US and Canada only about $0.44 USD per minute.
  • Voicemail - Free unlimited calls to check your messages
  • Unlike other telecom providers, your Uno Mobile SIM card has been pre registered and is active and ready to go. We do not require a scan of your passport.
  • Free calls to Italian toll free numbers (800-803). Perfect for calling back home for just pennies! If you have an international calling card with an Italian access number, you can call toll free to that number and pay just the calling card rates - usually 5-6 cents per minute. Ours is the only service that allows free calls to toll free numbers.

Our Dual Rental Packages
By using any of our dual cell phone rental packages, you get all the benefits of our single-phone package but at a substantial savings. If there are two or more people traveling in your group and you want the added convenience of staying in touch with each other, our dual cell phone package is for you! They are also a great way for students to save extra money on study-abroad programs or other travel groups. Simply contact a fellow traveler and let him or her know about our great cell phone deals and order a dual rental package together!

Italy Prepaid Recharge
only $19.00 for 10 Euros of credit

Add an additional 10 Euros of credit for international calls.

Italy 30 Day Service Bundle
only $59.95

10GB of data, 850 minutes of calls within Italy and 10 Euros of credit for calls to the US/Canada.

Helpful Tips

Important FAQs for Rentals

  • When do I order?
    You can order as far in advance as you like - even months prior to your departure. We will ship your rental at the appropriate date in order for you to receive it prior to your departure. Rentals are shipped ground or express service and will arrive 2 business days prior to your set departure date.
  • How many minutes do I have?
    Your $26 minute bundle provides 110 minutes of calls back to the US, Canada, Europe or within Italy. Additional $26 bundles may be purchased with your original order or while you travel.
  • What will this cost me?
    • The applicable rental period fee for the duration of your rental period.
    • Additional optional add-ons (data package, US number, or 240 minutes of calls within Italy)
    • Round-trip shipping and handling fee (see below).
  • How much is shipping?
    If you order at least 2 weeks in advance, round-trip Ground shipping is only $12.88. If you are leaving soon, we offer round-trip 2-day Express for $29.96, or Overnight Express for $39.96. Rentals will arrive 2 business days prior to your set departure date.
  • What is the latest I can order a rental phone?
    You can order up to one business day prior to your departure as long as you call in before to 1:30pm Pacific Time. Exceptions can be made on a limited basis, even if you are leaving early in the morning - we can usually get your phone to you. Please call our 800 number (rather than order via the web) in order to confirm that we can get you a phone rental on time.
  • When do I get the phone?
    You will receive your cell phone rental two days prior to your departure, unless you require next day delivery.
  • Does the cell phone come charged?
    Yes it does, but itís always best to test the battery and charge phone before your departure.
  • Can I charge this phone on my trip?
    Yes, you will receive an international charger and relevant plug adapters, so you can charge the phone in the U.S. or at your destination.
  • How do I return the phone?
    Round trip shipping is included in your shipping fee. You will be provided with a return sticker label, which you can put on the box the phone arrived in, or your own box. If using your own box please do not use an extremely oversized box. (Canadian rental customers click here)
  • What happens if I cancel?
    If your rental has not shipped, you will only be charged a 5% reserve fee. If your rental has been sent out, you are responsible for the one week rental fee plus the shipping fee.
  • Are there any surcharges or hidden fees?
    Unless you are roaming outside of the country or countries for which your service is offered, the rates are fixed according to our posted rate chart and coverage areas. All rental customers are subject to our Terms & Conditions.
  • What will the rates be for people calling me from the US?
    That depends on the international long distance rates charged by their Long Distance Company or international calling card.
  • Does Cellular Abroad offer insurance against loss or damage?
    Yes, rental insurance is available for $19.50 as an add-on once you add your item to the cart. See what is covered here.

  • We have an office in Italy and I personally am in Italy for about 2 months out of the year and I of course use this solution. I can assure you that this is the least expensive and most to convenient way possible to communicate with back home! 7 days/week customer service and top up service directly through Cellular Abroad is an important added value!

    Sebastian Harrison, President, Cellular Abroad

    Multi-Country Travel
    You can also purchase other SIM cards as well for other countries to where you may be traveling. (This option is good for those planning on doing a lot of local calling.) We also offer an international roaming National Geographic Talk Abroad™ rental that is convenient for travel to multiple countries. (This option is useful for those wanting a single number for use in multiple countries and who will be making more calls back home than locally.)

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