Italy Deluxe Rental Phone User Guide
+1 310 862-7100


Your service is live now!
Please do not make calls on the phone until you arrive in Italy as you are roaming in North America at $2 a minute incoming and outgoing.
You can power the phone on and add contacts or link to Wi-Fi.
You can add a Gmail account to the phone - please remember to delete this before returning the phone!

How to Dial:

Checking Your Credit:

Purchasing More Call Credit and Data:

Your login is your email and your password is your zip code - unless changed by you

Go to>SIM Cards>Single Country>Italy SIM>Recharge Tab

Activating your voicemail:

Checking your voicemail:

Data Bundle Issues

Make sure your phone's APN is set to (all other fields remain blank). Make sure your Data is enabled and Data Roaming is set to on.

PIN Code:
If prompted the default PIN is 1111

Customer Service:

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