Israel Standard Phone Rental Instructions
+1 310 862-7100
Please be sure to read these instructions
prior to departing for France.

Service Activation:

Your service is live when you arrive in Israel!

Dialing information

For friends and family to call from USA to you in Israel, the correct dialing sequence is 011-972 followed by the number. Ex. 011-972-525-123-456

To call the US or Canada from your Israeli cell phone dial 1833-013-1 area code and the phone number. Ex. 1833-013-1--212-123-4567

To text the US or Canada dial the "+" sign followed by the country code then the number. Ex. +1-212-123-4567

To dial a number within Israel, dial the city code (Jerusalem - 02, Tel Aviv - 03 etc.) and then phone number. (ex: 02-561-8318)


Dial *80 from your phone, or hold down the '1' key, your default password is 1234#, The instructions will guide you through the voice mail menu, to reset the password dial *888

Choosing the system administrative menu language

To change the default menu language Dial *777 press 9 then 4 for English

Checking your Credit

Dial *777 and press 2 to hear your balance. This is a free call.

Purchasing More Talk/Data Credit

The most convenient way is by calling Cellular Abroad toll-free from a landline in Israel at 00-800-362-33333. Each $99 top up gives you the same amount of credit that was on the initial SIM card. Please call during our regular business hours M-F 8-4 PST.

Service Life

You must use your SIM at least once every 12 months to retain your service. Call credits are valid for 12 months once they are active on your account.

Customer Service

From a landline, (NOT from payphones, mobile phones, and majority of hotels) Cellular Abroad can be reached 8am to 4pm PST, Monday - Friday with English customer support and recharge services by dialing this number: 00-800-3623-3333. Please note that some hotels may charge for toll free calls. You may reach us from your cell phone at 018-1-310-862-7100 (not a toll free call) or via email at

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