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Most carriers in the US and Canada offer roaming plans for travelers to Israel. The problem with these plans is that they are expensive and usually have limits, limits of how many minutes you have, limits on how much data you get and last but certainly not least, limits on how fast your data speed is. For travelers to Israel who don't want to pay lots of money for not much service, chances are, Cellular Abroad has just what you need. In addition to providing great voice and data rates, we also have services and features that carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others cannot provide at any cost. All of our cellular solutions come with a local Israel phone number which makes it convenient and affordable for your friends in family in Israel to reach you. However, since you also want it affordable and easy for your contacts back home to reach you, we also offer you the option of keeping your usual cell phone number or giving you a temporary new US number. US and Canadian carriers cannot offer this convenience. Plus, for travelers who want to use their tablets or computers anywhere in Israel, we also offer a Wi Fi hotspot rental. Here are a few additional options:

Use Your Own Phone in Israel

You may be able to use your own phone in Israel. If your current cell phone is unlocked, you can put in a local Israel SIM card. Our SIM card offers unlimited cellular service and (virtually) unlimited high speed data. If you only care about data, we also offer a couple of data only solutions for Israel. You may need to check with your current cell phone provider to see if your phone is unlocked or qualifies for being unlocked. Alternatively, you can rent a phone or even purchase one for your trip.

Renting or Buying a Phone

If you cannot get your cell phone unlocked or just don't want to go through the steps of taking out the SIM card and putting in a different one, Cellular Abroad offers several rental phones for Israel. If you prefer, you can also purchase a new phone for your trip.

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