International MiFi Hotspot Rental

    3G Speed Connectivity for all
    your WIFI Devices

    Connect up to 5 Devices

    Security Encrypted Connection

    Small enough to fit in your pocket

    Access the internet virtually
    anywhere, anytime

WiFi hotspots are not readily available in most international destinations and when available, they are rarely free and never a secure way to access the internet.

Our WiFi hotspot rentals allow you to access the internet using any WiFi enabled device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime and almost anywhere. Unlike WiFi hotspots at a hotel, coffee shop or other public area, the MiFi encrypts the data which significantly helps prevent unwanted access to your accounts.

We offer two types of MiFi rentals - unlimited and pay as you go. The unlimited MiFi rental is ideal for users who intend to use large amounts of data and/or for multiple users. It allows (virtually) unlimited usage of the internet - up to 1GB a day. The pay as you go option is ideal for users who may not need to access the internet every day or do so primarily for activities that do not require huge amounts of data transfer such as checking and sending emails and browsing the web. Data packages for the pay as you go rentals are available in 1GB bundles.

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