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Rent a Phone for International Travel

We offer several cell phone rental options for international travelers. If you are traveling to just one country, select the country to where you are traveling from the list of countries below. If you are traveling to more than one country, please click on the link for the National Geographic Cell Phone Rental below. If you are traveling to one country such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the UK, China or others, we offer “country specific” solutions which, as they are not roaming, they offer incredibly low rates and faster mobile data solutions other roaming options including what you would expect from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other carriers. If you are traveling to several countries during your trip, for example, throughout Europe, we recommend renting the National Geographic Phone which features free incoming calls in all of Europe. We offer several rental options to choose from, including the iPhone and an Android phone.

What is the Best Cell Phone for International Travel?

The best cell phone for international travel depends on your individual needs. If you only need to make and receive calls and text messages, the best cell phone for that purpose is the Standard Rental, which is also the most affordable option as well as the easiest phone to use. However, many travelers understand how useful it is to have a fast, reliable and secure access to mobile data for staying in touch with friends, family or work back home as well as for trip planning purposes while traveling internationally. In this case, either our Deluxe Rental or the iPhone Rental are both great choices. The Deluxe Rental is an Android based Smartphone while the iPhone uses Apple’s operating system. Both are great options for international travelers who need to stay in touch with and have immediate access to data.

Top Destinations

Cellular Abroad offers affordable cell phone rentals for travelers. Our service is pay as you and therefore, you are in complete control of the costs and your phone gets lost or stolen, you don't have to worry about someone running up a huge bill.

We offer two main categories of rental service. The first is for travelers going just to one country and the second is the National Geographic Travel Phone Rental, ideal for travelers heading to two or more countries during their trip. Click on the name of the country if you are going to one country to view the service and rates that we offer or, if traveling to multiple destinations, click on the National Geographic banner. The National Geographic Travel Phone Rental works in over 200 countries with unlimited incoming calls in many destinations including all of Europe. Cellular Abroad is the only company in the world authorized to rent this product and since 2009 have rented this service to tens of thousands of travelers.

Please click on the National Geographic logo if you are traveling to multiple destinations or on the list of countries below if you are traveling to one destination

Multi-Country Phone Rental

The National Geographic Talk Abroad Phone Rental is a global service that works in over 180 countries and gives free incoming calls in 70 countries. Complete with a US and UK number this service is perfect for the business or leisure traveler. Click the National Geographic banner below for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship rentals outside of the US/Canada.

To select other countries please scroll down the list and click on the name of the country.

*Not GSM technology

To rent a phone or for more information and rates: click on a country in the table above. These are our "country-specific" SIMs, featuring a local phone number in that particular country. click here for any destination country not listed.

If you're traveling to a country that is not on this list or if you are traveling to multiple countries, (for example, traveling to Italy, Germany and France on one trip), you will want to take a look at our National Geographic Travel Phone option. Also, if you plan on using the phone very little (such as an emergency phone) or you don't think your investment in a country-specific SIM will pay for itself, you may again want to consider a National Geographic Travel Phone Rental. There is no SIM card to buy with Talk Abroad, although you will need to purchase a minimum of 1 recharge ($29) to give you some initial air time.

Satellite Rentals

If travelling to an exotic locale not covered by our Talk Abroad plan, you can still get service with a prepaid satellite phone.

More on GSM Rental Packages

Whether you decide to purchase or rent a cell phone, you will enjoy our same low price calling rates in every country. Both solutions offer the same convenience and security, only with substantially less expensive rates, controlled expenditures and with better coverage than traditional cell phone companies. For more information on how this all works, please visit our frequently-asked questions page. It will familiarize you with the exceptional services and products that we offer, as well as show you how to take advantage of our products for optimal worldwide cellular communication needs.

We also offer a special deal with our rentals as we've found many of our customers desire to purchase the handset after their first rental. Simply keep the phone if you like it and Cellular Abroad will charge you the difference. For your convenience we've included a Tips On Buying versus Renting a GSM Cell Phone guide to help you with the decision to buy or rent.

Cellular Abroad's prepaid cell phone service is not just the budget way of obtaining international cellular service-it's the smart way!

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