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France SIM Card

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1000 minutes of calls w/in France and/or the US/Canada

500 France texts

3 GB of data

Add-on 5GB of 3G data for $69 (available upon checkout)

Add-on a US number $19 for 6 hours of incoming calls (available upon checkout)

French number with Unlimited incoming calls/text

Unlimited calls and text from Lebara to Lebara

3 in 1 SIM card nano/micro/mini fits all phones!

(Add-ons available upon checkout)
*Plan and add-ons last for 30 days from your arrival in France.

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France SIM Card

Roaming with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile when you travel to France can be expensive as well as frustrating. Carriers offering "free" data roaming forget to mention the fact that their roaming speeds are limited to very slow speeds. Swapping out your current SIM card and replacing it with a Lebara French SIM card is an easy way to save huge on voice and data roaming costs while getting high speed mobile data. As long as your cell phone is unlocked and has the GSM bands, simply purchase a French SIM, put it in your cell phone and you are ready to make and receive calls and use the internet. Our SIM cards are 3-1 in size, meaning, they will adapt to any phone regardless of it is uses a standard, micro or nano sim card size.

Lebara uses the Bouygues network; one of the largest and most reliable carriers in France. The initial SIM card includes 30 days of 3GB of high speed data, unlimited free incoming calls and texts plus 1000 minutes of calls in France or to the US and Canada and 500 text messages to French numbers. In the event that you need more high speed data, for example, you plan on using your phone for GPS, you can purchase an additional 5GB of data for a total of 8GB. If someone else in your group also is using Lebara, all calls and texts messages are free to one another If your trip is longer than 30 days, ou can extend this plan for as long as you need in 30 day increments. Each 30 days of service is an additional $69 and renews your plan. Please note that the minutes and mobile data do not carry over.

For an additional $69, you can add another 5GB of data. Please note that this service is good for 30 days upon initial usage.

Please make sure that your cell phone is unlocked. With the exception of Verizon, most carriers lock their phones as they make huge profits (at your expense) on voice and data roaming!

US Number Add-on

The Lebara SIM card includes a French phone number. Although convenient for the locals, your contacts back home would have to call a French number to reach you. We offer a US number add-on. The US number add-on, available during check out, adds a US based phone number to your SIM card. You will still also retain your French phone number. This feature is available for $19 and offers 6 hours of incoming calls to a US number. Each additional bundle is $19. Alternatively, can forward your current phone number to the new US number allowing your contacts to call you on your usual phone number. The US number add-on is an exceptional value and eliminates the need for anyone to pay expensive roaming fees that North American providers charge for using their services .

Data Plan

Free Wi Fi is seldom available in France and is never secure. Your plan comes with 3GB of data. If this isn't enough, you can add another 5GB of data to your plan. Using your smartphone to check your emails, upload and send pictures of your trip and utilize convenient useful trip planning tools such as Google Maps, Google Translate or to Skype back home. We also recommend using WhatsApp for calling and texting. Not only is it a convenient way to make a call or text but it uses very little data and is therefore a very cost effective way to communicate. A total of 8GB of data is more than enough for the vast majority of travelers and significantly less expensive than buying an international data bundle through your current provider.

How Do Cellular Abroad Rates For France Compare to Your Current Carrier?
  Cellular Abroad AT&T Verizon Sprint T-Mobile
Incoming Free $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
Outgoing Local 500 min Included $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
Calls to N. America 500 min Included $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
3GB Data(3G) $69 $150 $250 $7,065* N/A**
* AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile's rates exclude tax which is approximately 20% of the value. In addition, our solution is not a roaming solution and therefore is more reliable and faster.

** T-Mobile does not offer 3G speeds in France.


You can now use your French SIM card anywhere in Europe and still get the same great plan. As long as you initially activate your SIM card in France, you can travel anywhere else in the EU and benefit from the same call, text and data features.

Data Plan - Includes 3GB at 3G Speeds good over 30 days from your arrival

Add-on 5GB more, for a total of 8GB, for $69.

Many travelers need to be able to access the internet when in France. International data plans with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and others are expensive or unavailable. Trying to find free WiFi is time consuming, not always available, often slow and never safe from the possibility of others hacking your personal information.

The coverage is on Bouygues, one of the largest carriers in France. Use Google Maps to see where you are and how to get to where you need to go. Find out if the bistro you want to go to has positive reviews and upload pictures and videos to Facebook or simply browse the web and check your emails.

Don't want to wait in line at the Louvre to buy tickets? Buy them online at www.louvre.fr/en. Add the data plan to your cart or mention that you want to add a data plan if speaking to a customer service representative.


France 30 day Service Bundle
only $69.00

Each Bundle gives you an additional 30 days of service which includes 1000 minutes of outbound calling and 3GB of data. Please note that your minutes and data do not carry over to the next 30 days of service.

France SIM card FAQs

Will the SIM card work with my phone?

As long as your phone has the international GSM bands (virtually all do) and is unlocked, it will work.

How much does it cost to make a call within France?

The SIM card includes 1000 minutes of calling within France or to the US or Canada for 30 days. You cannot exceed the 1000 minutes unless you have credit on your phone. If you think you will need more than 1000 minutes of calling, you can add credit at any tabac or café but you will pay the default rate of 5 Euro cents to call the US and Canada and 15 Euro cents to call within France (yes, it is less expensive to call internationally!)

Can I use the SIM card outside of France (Does it roam)?

While the SIM card does indeed roam, it is impossible to add more credit outside of France from a local store. You will need to purchase additional talk time from Cellular Abroad if you are outside of France. For roaming rates, please refer to the Roaming tab.

Can I text back to the United States or Canada?

If you need to text internationally, you will need to add additional credit. International texts are 15 Euro cents per text. A much better approach is to use WhatsApp or a similar app for texting.

Can I get more data?

It is not possible to add more than 5GB of data (in addition to the initial 3GB of data) within a 30 day period. Having said that, 8GB of data is a lot of data!

Can I use the French SIM in the US or Canada before my trip?

You should not use the SIM card before you land in France. While it may work, you would be paying roaming rates and you will not have credit when you arrive in France. You CAN put the SIM card in the phone to double check if it is unlocked or to practice putting in a SIM card.

How good is the coverage in France?

Coverage is exceptional. There are, of course, areas where there is limited coverage but as a rule of thumb, where there are people or roads (excluding isolated country roads), there is usually coverage.

Where can I get more talk time?

Additional credit is available through Cellular Abroad or locally in convenient stores.

Will it work as soon as I land in France?

Yes it will work. Be sure to follow our activation instructions before you leave for your trip. You will receive the instructions together with your SIM card.

How much will it cost people in the USA/Canada to call me on my France number?

That depends on their plan. If this is a concern to you, add a US number to your plan. This is an exceptional value and a very popular feature of our products.

Can I keep my usual number?

Yes you can. You can simply forward your current number to your new US number (if you add the plan). Please ask your current carrier how to do this.

More questions? Call us at 800.287.5072 FREE and we will be glad to be of assistance.

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