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Roaming in France with your current phone provider will almost always result in expensive phone bills and frustratingly slow data speeds. Not only will you pay fractions of what US and Canadian providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and others charge, our plans also include added benefits and features that other providers cannot offer at any price. For example, you can retain your current cell phone number but also get a local French number. Or, you can use your current phone or rent one of ours. All of our solutions are prepaid so you know what you are paying up front and will never get a surprise bill.

We have several solutions for travelers to France who want to stay connected during their trip.

Use Your Own Phone or Tablet

Many phones and tablets are now unlocked, meaning, you can take out your usual carrier's SIM card and put in a French SIM with significantly better rates. The benefit of using your own phone or tablet is first, you only have to buy a SIM card, which is less expensive than renting or buying a phone and second, you are already familiar with your device. Many Verizon phones and tablets are unlocked. Most other carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint devices are locked but, generally speaking, if you are out of contract, the provider will your phone or tablet. Alternatively, if you have an older phone or tablet from that provider, chances are that you can have it unlocked. Please check with your carrier for options.

Rent or Buy a Phone

If you cannot unlock your phone, we also have several cell phone rental options for France. We offer a very basic model as well as rentals using the Android operating system and iPhones. If you only need to make and receive phone calls, the basic rental works fine. In addition, if you are not familiar with using a smartphone, we recommend renting the basic phone as it is extremely easy to use. If you need to have data on your phone, you will need to rent on of our smart phones. We also have phones available for you to purchase. Frequent travelers or those planning on staying in France for an extended period generally will purchase a phone with a French SIM card already inserted if they do not already have an unlocked phone.

Rent a Mobile Wi Fi Hotspot

The mobile Wi Fi hotspot is extremely popular for travelers who want an easy to use solution that allows them to use the Wi Fi on their own smartphone, tablet or PC. The mobile Wi Fi hotspot rental creates your very own Wi Fi hotspot anywhere, any time and allows you and your friends and family to use with multiple devices simultaneously.

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