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How much usage will 1GB provide?
  • Web browsing
  • Emails (text only)
  • Emails (HTML)
  • Emails (with small attachment)
  • Emails (with standard resolution photo attachment)
  • Video Streaming (low quality)
  • Video Streaming (high quality)
  • Audio Streaming (low quality)
  • 100KB per page
  • 4KB per email
  • 15KB per email
  • 100KB per email
  • 1MB per email
  • 10 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 10,000 web pages
  • 250,000 emails
  • 250,000 emails
  • 10,000 emails
  • 1,000 emails
  • 10 videos
  • 2 videos
  • 500Minutes

Unlimited MiFi Mobile Hotspot for Europe

The MiFi, also known as a mobile Wi Fi hotspot, is a portable device that creates your own personal, personal and secure hotspot that works anywhere in Europe plus a few other destinations including Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. The hotspot is ready to go. Simply charge it up, turn it on and you will have instant connectivity. The hotspot includes a data SIM card with Unlimited high speed data service*. The SIM lasts for up to 30 days. If your trip is longer or if you need even more data, you can purchase an additional Data SIM Card for your new wireless hotspot. You can connect up to ten devices at the same time including smartphones, tablets and PCs. This is an extremely effective solution for travelers who have multiple devices and want to stay in touch during their trip to Europe. Popular travel apps include Skype, Google Maps, WhatsApp and Google Voice Translator and of course there are many others. Purchasing a MiFi is an ideal alternative to renting an International Hotspot for travelers who travel to Europe more than once a year or for trips that last at least several weeks. In fact, it is less expensive to own a MiFi device if your trip is more than 3 weeks long.

*Up to 12GB of data service. This is considered "unlimited" in the telecom business and in accordance with Fair Usage guidelines but Cellular Abroad feels compelled to specify that it is 12GB of data.


The MiFi is portable and easy to use. Simply turn on the device, connect with your wifi enabled device, enter the security password and you are ready to go. In addition, since you own the MiFi, you will only pay for the usage on the days that you use it.


Unlike most hotels or public hotspots, which are not secure, the MiFi uses the most up to date security encryption, assuring that your personal information and communication is safe during your travels.

Cost Effective

This solution is significantly less expensive than 3G data roaming with a US or Canadian carrier and less expensive than what hotels typically charge for wifi.

Network Band and Speeds

Huawei E5577Cs-321 Unlocked 150 Mbps 4G LTE & 43.2 Mpbs 3G Mobile WiFi (4G LTE in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa & 3G globally)

  • Provides up to 150 Mbps 4G LTE and 43.2 Mbps 3G download speed. E5577Cs-321 is unlocked to all networks so use the sim card of your choice!
  • Features menu-style LCD UI with support for multiple languages
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n. Use the hotspot with up to 10 different wifi devices including laptops, iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, gaming consoles and many more.
  • TFT-LCD screen with 2D Barcode easy connection
  • Offers up to 6 hours of working time and up to 300 hours of standby! Small, slim and light weight with a stylish design. Convenient for travelling!
The 12GB Data SIM Card European countries as outlined below*
Aland Islands Australia Austria
Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Channel Islands Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France French Guiana
Germany Gibraltar Great Britain
Greece Guadeloupe Hong Kong
Hungary Iceland Indonesia
Isle of Mann Israel Italy
Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania
Luxemburg Macau Malta
Martinique Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Poland Portugal
Republic of Ireland Réunion Saint Barthélemy
Saint Martin Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sri Lanka
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
*Please note that it also works in several countries outside of Europe as indicated in the table.

How It Works

The MiFi includes an installed 12GB data SIM card
The 12GB lasts 30 days from activation - (detection of a network)
The hotspot WILL detect a network in the United States but be careful as this will initiate the 30 day service
Make sure the battery is charged
Power on the device (it will only give service in Europe - see "Coverage")
Search for the Wi-Fi on your device
Enter the password labeled on your device to connect - (password is also labeled under the back battery plate)

European Hotspot FAQs

What can I do with a European hotspot?

If you need a convenient, secure and affordable way to have data connectivity for your smartphone or tablet, a European hotspot is the easiest way to do so and is also much less expensive than roaming with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or other carriers. In addition, since the service is pay as you go, you do not risk incurring a huge roaming bill.

Why don't I just use wifi?

WiFi is typically slow, never secure and seldom convenient. If you rely on apps such as Google Maps, it is not feasible to track down a Wi Fi connection. When you are on the go is typically when you need to access data the most and if there is one thing that can spoil a trip is not having immediate access to the internet, particularly when you are trying to research a restaurant or buy museum tickets online.

How to I activate my hotspot?

Turn it on, enter the password and connect!

Can I add additional credit?

You will have to purchase an extra SIM card in order to have more data.

Does the credit expire?

The data credit is good for 30 days from the day of activation.

How much data do I get and will it be enough?

You get 12GB of data which is plenty for 99% of all travelers.

How far in advance should I order?

You can order a data SIM card at any time prior to your departure or even during your trip. However, if you order it 2 weeks or more before your trip, you can take advantage of the free shipping.

More questions? Call us at 800.287.5072 and we will be glad to be of assistance.

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