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Cellular Abroad International Data Services

Since 2002, Cellular Abroad has over 100,000 budget-minded customers with cell phone rentals and sales, including the extremely popular National Geographic Travel Phone. By popular demand, we have recently added international data as part of our solutions. International data services allow you to surf the web and check emails while traveling overseas on any device that uses wifi. In addition, if you use VOIP services on your cell phone, such as Skype or Google Voice, you can use this solution for your international and local calls without having to rent one of our cell phones in conjunction with our mobile broadband solutions.

MiFi® International Hotspot Rentals

International Mobile Internet service for the international traveler can be extremely expensive and difficult to use. Our international data service is prepaid, works with virtually any device and will save you up to 90% compared to global broadband services through providers including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.

Our broadband service is prepaid, so you know exactly what you are being charged, and it's available for rental periods as short as one week - it's easy to use and "bill-shock" proof!

Our international data service provides a data connection by creating your own personal wireless hotspot, then allowing you to share it with up 5 devices, or even different users simultaneously, including your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad, Blackberry – any smart phone or device supporting WiFi!

The MiFi is a pocket sized battery operated device that allows you to have wireless internet on the go. Simply use the WiFi connection on your device in order to receive and send emails or surf the web.

How do we compare with other service providers?

While Cellular Abroad does not offer a direct phone connection or monthly plan, here are some examples of major cellular service providers and their data roaming plans for overseas travelers. Verizon and AT&T both offer monthly plans, but T-Mobile and Sprint only offer data per KB. Compare the cost of renting a Cellular Abroad MiFi hotspot for 1 month (plus the cost of bandwidth) and you'll see just how much we can save you next time you travel!

Price per 100MB with Monthly Plan (if available)
Cellular Abroad
Under $13.00*
*Cellular Abroad offers UNLIMITED data service in Italy

These prices are even better when you consider that most providers have a service cap at 100-200MB, whereas Cellular Abroad offers data by the GIGABYTE! Download and upload photos, media and stream videos without worrying about the cost!

International Cell Phone Rentals and SIM Cards

Cellular Abroad also offers cell phone rentals as well as cell phone or SIM card purchase plans for individual countries as well as for multi-country travel. The National Geographic Talk Abroad Rental is our number one product offering unlimited free incoming calls in over countries. Whether you rent or purchase a phone or purchase a stand alone SIM card, In addition to our low rates, all of our solutions are pay as you go; you are in complete control of how much you spend and with no monthly fees or contracts to sign. Additional talk time is available locally or through our 7 days/week customer service center.

International Cell Phone Packages

For the vast majority of our services, we don't make a dime on the calls and hence, the rates are a small fraction of other providers and, with better coverage and service! As an added convenience, for our top selling countries, our customers can purchase talk time directly from us 7 days/week, toll-free. Pay as you go service is extremely popular overseas and is the solution of choice for most users. In Italy for example, over 90% of cell phone customers use pay as you go. Our most popular solution is the National Geographic Travel Phone.

International SIM Cards

If your current cell phone is a GSM phone and has the proper bands for international use, you may be able to simply purchase a “country specific” SIM card, if you are traveling to only one country, or the National Geographic Talk Abroad SIM card for use in multiple countries. To find out if your phone will work with our SIM cards, please refer to the Intro to our Services Guide.

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