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If you travel to China with your Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, phone you are guaranteed high roaming rates in addition to exposing yourself security breach which is a real threat in China. In addition, these carriers offer few options for travelers needing cellular and data service on their other devices. This is where Cellular Abroad comes in. Cellular Abroad has offered thousands of travelers a wide assortment of voice and data options for China at fantastically low rates and with an abundance of options in order to fit your specific needs.

Most travelers to China, rightfully so, are extremely hesitant to bring their own phones. Most of our customers rent one of our Android or iPhones for their trip whether it be for leisure or for business. Our phones are factory reset and therefore do not have any of your personal information on them. For added security, we also offer an optional VPN add-on to your phone rental. If your current phone is unlocked, and while we don't advise it, you can simply buy a SIM card and use it. If you have a secondary phone and restore the phone to factory settings, this may be a good option. This is the least expensive option as you are using your own equipment.

Many travelers also need to access the internet for their portable devices and do not want to use Wi Fi which is particularly susceptible to security breaches. We offer a mobile hotspot rental that features secure, always available and unlimited high speed data connectivity. This device is compatible with any Wi Fi enabled device such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. Alternatively, we offer a data SIM card that you can use in conjunction with your own mobile hotspot, tablet or smartphone.

Please review our below options and be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our cellular and data plans for China.

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