Yes, You Can Legally And Ethically Unlock Your AT&T iPhone 4, BUT…

AT&T will provide you with the steps to unlock the handset but you must already be past your initial contract period, or pay the early termination fee now.

How_to_unlock_iphone_by_AT&T_-_The_VergeWhy would such limited conditions apply? Because from AT&T’s point of view, they gave you a discount on this latest-greatest piece of hardware in exchange for a contract for a couple years of service.

Why would you want to unlock your iPhone 4 or 4S? So you can use a Cellular Abroad prepaid micro SIM card from the local overseas phone company and save big on your really fun vacation overseas this summer, of course!

Check out more about unlocking the AT&T iPhone on this page from website The Verge,

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9 comments on “Yes, You Can Legally And Ethically Unlock Your AT&T iPhone 4, BUT…

  1. Vivacom client on said:

    How about for Vivacom here in Bulgaria? I want to unlock my iPhone too. :/

  2. That’s great! My AT&T contract will end in 3 months. Will definitely unlock it afterwards :)

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