Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) Customer Service number

Virtually every day we get phone calls from TIM customers asking us if we know the phone number for Telecom Italia Mobile. We do! So, in an effort to save everyone’s time…here it is.

If you are calling from Europe, dial +393399119 (the + sign means 00). If you are calling TIM from the United States or Canada, dial 011 39 3399119119. By the way, if you check the TIM website, the number they give is without the extra 119 but, from our experience, that doesn’t work.In addition, if you have credit on your SIM card, you can usually dial 119 from your handset to reach TIM customer service. “Usually” because if you don’t have coverage, you can’t. Please note that these are not toll free calls from outside of Europe.

Please note that they will probably not speak English and they will definitely ask you to confirm your identification and TIM SIM card phone number. Please note that since we, Cellular Abroad, is not TIM, we have no information regarding your TIM account. If, however, you have a TIM data SIM card that you rented from Cellular Abroad, since they are registered directly to us, we can help.

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35 comments on “Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) Customer Service number

  1. Eric Lizotte on said:

    My wife’s uncle (Luciano Martinengo, cell.: 262 3465) is visiting from Italy with his Tim cell phone. He can receive calls but unfortunately he can not send out calls. I would like to know who is your associated server company here in eastern Canada (Quebec, Canada)? Is it Telus, Bell, Rogers, etc…?

    • Sebastian Harrison on said:

      Sounds like he isn’t dialing correctly. He needs to dial +1 then the area code and the phone number. Regarding who the roaming partner is, I am not sure but more likely than not it is more than one carrier in Canada.

  2. Hi There,

    I’m located in Canada and purchased a Tim Sim in March 2015 in Milan
    I’m trying to keep my Tim sim card active, but cant reach them via the number listed above.
    Any idea why or how I can keep it activated?

    • Sebastian Harrison on said:

      Hi Jonah,

      as long as you add call credit once every 12 months, you can keep the SIM. it is not easy to add the credit from Canada however. If you have a friend or relative in Italy, I would suggest asking them to add it. TIM does not take Canadian credit cards unfortunately.

    • You can use a VPN service such as SurfEasy, choose Italy as your country to connect through and then pay using a Visa card to recharge or add to your TIM SIM. Works for me every month from US, MX, EU, CA.

    • sergey on said:

      TIM STEAL money every time-my balance go to minus though i dont make any calls or go over my GB internet, they impose services by sending sms and everything is on italian-NO English speaking support – took money from my card and didnt top up my account-now guess what??? How you can reach them? When i ask something in TIM shop they say ” we dont understand” suddenly. Hope my experience will help someone.

  3. Patricia Sandler on said:

    I have two Italian SIM cards. Since we are in Italy at least once a year, I’ve not had a problem with losing my number. I also have an Italian bank account for non-residents. I cannot use it to recharge my Italian phones. Also, on the TIM site, it states that only Credit Cards issued in Italy can be used to recharge phones on-line. Registering on their site can always give you your residual credit if you don’t want to use your Italian SIM to check it. Also, do you know if I can transfer my two numbers to my Android phones. Thanks.

  4. Will WORLD on said:

    I have a TIM SIM CARD del periodo che ero a Roma. Non ho il PUK percui non riesco a rintracciare i miei amici Romani. Vi prego di aiutarmi e nel frattempo io vi scrivo tutti i dati sul SIM:
    Vi prego di spedirmi il MIO PUK o cancellarlo completamente perche il SIM e a nome MIO WILL WORLD. GRAZIE!

  5. moira frau on said:

    My husband has an Italian pay as you go mobile registered with TIM but is now here in the UK for some time and his credit has run out. We can’t find out how to put more credit on it from the UK so wondered if you can help there any way to safely do it..thanks

  6. I tried to recharge my sim with my foreign credit card, but I could not do that due to some reasons.Unfortunately I can not speak Italian and I dont live there as well. I have TIM number and still active. As I understand, you need to have Italian credit card to make top up. It looks open provision and I can see the name TIM ITALIA, but Tim could not take the money, so I could not top up my sim. I called my bank to cancel it but they said I have to call TIM to cancel it,bank can not do that. I tried to find contact e mail of TIM but could not find it anywhere unfortunately. Could you write the email address of TIM customer care please?

  7. Natthy on said:

    Hi, I’m stay in Milan and use TIM wifi at home since september 2017 until last month on 29 March my uncle was close the number accidentally and now he try to reopen it again by both of call to callcenter but (noone pickup) and sent the letter to the office 3 times already, the officer told us that there will be someone come and fix the modem at my home on this day (17april2018) since last week , we wait for week… nobody come to fix it, I would like to have any solving and answer from you as soon as possible

    detail about my information
    Lattuga rita
    v.luigi canonica 59
    20154 milano MI
    N.prot. 2000117982
    telephone : 02342380

  8. Shahroz on said:

    Why tim deducted money every week from my account..please cancel all service..I want only internet..and give me back my credit..

  9. Hi I am currently traveling Europe for 3 months and I bought a TIM SIM card when I was in Venice about a week ago, it was for 30gb of data included roaming in other countries at no charge. I am in Switzerland now and my data is completely cut off and have no way to call the customer service number because I don’t speak Italian. Is there any way you can help me? Thank you!

  10. last month I changed my card from Vodafone to TIM for an offer (30 GB Gratis which cost 16 Euro) I paid 35 euro for changing the sim and activation. It worked last month. this month for reactivation I charged it with 20 euro and it didn’t work so I went to TIM shop for solving the problem they asked me again for 15 euro and again it didn’t work. today i paid 5 euro to activate my offer so for very simple offer which I choose to change from Vodafone to TIM cost 75 euro till now (2 months).
    I should mention that i called this this number with my italian friend for hours and nobody answered.
    it’s not stealing?

  11. Feluxberto escabas Villaruel iii on said:

    Hae everyone can somebody help me about my simcard Tim i buy this from Palermo italy i buy this for 26euro30gb my problem is i have sgnal with network but there is no mobile data internet.. Can somebody help how to fix this one? Thankyou

  12. Krystsina Subach on said:

    Hello. I hav ea problem with Tim. Every time they ask me username. How to know the username. Also I ricarica 15 euros and I never received this money

  13. Whitney Nichols on said:

    I recently got a TIM card while I am study abroad in Italy. I took the TIM card out and put my AT&T SIM card in to check something. I put the TIM card back in and when I try to IMessage people i get a text that says your carrier may charge for SMS messages used to activate IMessage, and it wasn’t doing that before. It also stopped using my Italian number and starting using my American number. It currently says that my service provider is TIM so I don’t know if there is an issue or not.
    Is this charging my AT&T account?
    Why am i receiving these texts?
    How do i get my phone to use my Italian number again?
    Thank you!

  14. Johny add on said:

    Hi sorry but just arived to italy..i have Tim line and i want to know my data consumption.thank u

  15. Surabhi on said:

    I have a TIM sim card which i am using only for data through modem. All the data is exhausted and i m not able to rechrge it. As i m from India i m not able to understand the language and also the procedure to recharge the datacard. Please help and suggest a cheap plan for around 10GB.

  16. Surabhi on said:

    Hi, I m from India and have my stay of 2 months in Italy. I have been provided with a TIM Datacard which i m using through a modem. I have exhausted all the data but now i m not able to recharge it. Please suggest a top up for 10GB as it is difficult for me to understand it at a TIM store due to language problem.

    • Sebastian Harrison on said:

      TIM sims are not easy to top up before the end of the plan. example, your plan is probably a 10gb a month plan. You should get a bigger plan or another sim and swap it out.

  17. Musa Mariam on said:

    Hi… Please i need help urgently
    I have a tim Italian sim but i can’t receive calls but i can send calls… I am currently in Berlin.
    What could be the matter please?

  18. Augustine Kyei on said:

    My tim sim is not showing calling id its shows unknown caller incoming and outgoing call is there any help?

    • Sebastian Harrison on said:

      Not really. Caller IDs are often masked and/or come from different destinations. For example, if you use Skype, oftentimes the number shows as unknown or from a different country.

  19. Romesh fernando on said:

    Cannot use mobile data. Activate it, but not connection.

  20. How do I know my TIM number?

  21. Sebastian Harrison on said:

    Looks like you have a plan that takes X amount of Euros per week or per month. There are tons of different options (ex. 5 Euros for unlimited texting, 10 Euros per month and you get 1GB of data, etc.) So, what you need to do is change the plan to a default plan or…just let it drain to zero. it doesn’t matter in terms of keeping the SIM valid. As long as you add a voucher each 12 months, the SIM is still valid.

  22. Sebastian Harrison on said:

    check to see if you haven’t accidentally signed up for an SMS service such as weather or something to that effect. Also, contact TIM about your issue or, try to log into your tim account online. Unfortunately, Cellular Abroad is not TIM and we cannot help you.

  23. Sebastian Harrison on said:

    I would take it to a store in the UK that unlocks phones.

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