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Do cell phones work on cruise ships?

This question gets asked a lot by travelers, and most often it’s only the cruise line that will answer this question truthfully. The answer is most often always “You can subscribe to our cruise line cell phone network.” What they won … Continue reading

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3G, 4G and LTE Speeds while traveling outside of America

A lot of people call in to our support hotline wondering why they’re not getting 3G quality service when they travel. Those of you who are familiar with GSM technology know that there are 4 standard frequency bands in the 2G spectrum: 850 … Continue reading

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Samsung “Xplorer” B2100 – Extreme toughness in a cell phone

Built to survive extreme conditions; wind, dust, fog, extreme temperatures, solar radiation… You can throw the Samsung Xplorer phone in a ravine, and it will still ring. Continue reading

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Australian Cell Phone Rentals

I recently finished doing a 75 phone Australian cell phone rental order for the international Jewish Maccabi games in Sydney Australia. It was a lot of work, but we got great reviews of our service. The best thing I heard from the athletes … Continue reading

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