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Cellular Abroad is happy to announce the launching of the new “unlimited” Spain Mi Fi Hotspot. As a disclaimer, please note that there isn’t really “true” unlimited service in the wireless industry as wireless providers have the right to either terminate one’s service for excesses use or to place “caps” on the usage. Typically the disclaimer is in small print at the very end but Cellular Abroad prefers to indicate that the Spain data service does have a limit from the get go. Having said that, the service we offer for Spain caps out at 10GB which is enough for the vast majority of leisure travelers. Non leisure travelers, such as a production company shooting footage in Spain and needing to send it somewhere in digital format, will typically require higher amounts of data.

What is a Mobile Wireless Hotspot?

Most of us know what a wireless hotspot is but as a recap, it is basically the Wi Fi service that you get at libraries (remember those?) or at Starbucks. You can log on with your computer, phone, tablet or any Wi Fi enabled device. While the price is right there may be limitations such as there is no where to sit down, it doesn’t always work or is not fast enough, it is not secure (so forget about online banking) and, it is seldom convenient. A mobile wireless hotspot creates a Wi Fi signal, similar to what you will find at a Starbucks, but it is portable. This is extremely convenient for people who don’t want to seek out a Starbucks or who need a secure connection.

What does my trip to Spain have to do with this?

A lot as you will find out if you keep reading this post. Similar to what is available in the United States in terms of a mobile wireless hotspot, Cellular Abroad offers the same type of solution for travelers to Spain. The Spain Mi Fi Hotspot Rental offers 10GB of high speed data. The service allows up to 8 users to log on simultaneously to a personal hotspot. The only “caveat” is that users have to be within 30 feet (less if there are obstructions such as a wall) and of course, they will need to have the password, otherwise strangers can log on and use your hotspot.

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