Samsung “Xplorer” B2100 – Extreme toughness in a cell phone

Samsung Xplorer B2100The Samsung B2100 is a durable phone with a rugged outdoor design; to say the phone is just “shock-proof” and “water-proof” does not really do justice to the phone’s design. The B2100 is a Quad-Band phone designed with military-grade specifications (MIL-STD-810F), intended for backpackers, campers and outdoor travelers all over the world.

To make it a better outdoor companion, the phone includes FM radio, incandescent flashlight and 1.3MP camera with video capabilities.

Cellular Abroad has been a retailer for the B2100 since September 2010, and it’s slowly becoming one of our most popular phone models; the simple, rugged design and ease of use make it perfect for cell phone novices. As with all of our phone models, we include the variable-voltage international charger and adapters & converters worth buying. We believe in top quality plug adapters since they help prevent malfunctions and extend the life of most products.

You can get your Samsung Xplorer B2100 with National Geographic SIM for only $179!

So, does the Samsung Xplorer B2100 work underwater? The Mobile Gazette team have conducted their own tests – judge for yourself:

Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme: Does it work under water?


Samsung “Xplorer” B2100 Customer Reviews

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by Peter on Cellular Abroad Travel Blog
Great cell phone!

I took this phone with me for a trip across Europe, to Copenhagen and then to Milan. The instructions were a bit confusing at first but after a call to customer service I was set straight. It seems like most people I hadn't read the manual first, and apparently you're supposed to wait to get a call from the phone before it connects. After that it worked like a charm. I got the data working eventually too so I was able to send gmail. I recommend this to any low-end users who need a sturdy phone for their next trip.

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8 comments on “Samsung “Xplorer” B2100 – Extreme toughness in a cell phone

  1. on said:

    I am personally going to get this phone for, believe it or not, bringing it to the beach while I am on my stand up paddle board (large surfboard with a paddle, sort of). As I need to be in touch always, this phone fits the bill perfectly. I also recommend it for those who are tough on their phones. It is completely rubberized and can be roughly treated. So, this is also a great phone for the outdoor sportsperson and adventurer. In fact, we were so impressed by this phone that we are soon a new National Geographic branded phone with this handset (dubbed the National Geographic Xplorer Phone)

  2. W. Chan on said:

    I love this phone. It is waterproof, shock resistant and has a non-slip grip. It is quad-band gsm which makes it a great phone for international travel. I get great reception. I use this as a second phone for travel and outdoor activities. The only big irritation is that it does not get the time and date from your network, so you have to set the time and date everytime you take the battery out to insert or remove a sim card. I have even successfully run the java-based gmail app. It only uses edge data, but you wouldn’t want to use it for any web browsing since the screen is very small. Great back-up phone for the outdoors and travel.

  3. taxi redhill on said:

    looks like a good phone, i work outside as a builder and might get one

  4. incipio iphone case on said:

    I like phones which have a good outdoor design. Especially, for people like me who work in the construction business can really benefit from a phone which is durable. Our phones drop endlessly during the day so we can not have a phone which breaks easily.

    • I totally agree. I work in the construction industry and there’s no way on earth I would take a delicate Smartphone with me, it wouldn’t last a day! I have got a Caterpillar CAT B25 and it’s as tough as they come!

  5. Martin on said:

    This looks cool, is there a Blackberry water proof phone?

    also does this phone work world wide?

  6. is the best phone for extreme I have two from the original Sansung manufacture sinse tre year old not problem, but you have becarfull with the chinese manufacture they are very bad this imitation is a really fraude

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