ABA Lawyers Love Cellular Abroad

We want to say “Thank you!” to the American Bar Association for featuring the Cellular Abroad website at their 2012 ABA Techshow:

The always crowd-pleasing session “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” closed the ABA Techshow Saturday where speakers Dan Pinnington, Catherine Sanders Reach, Natalie Kelly and Reid Trautz shared their top websites for lawyers.

A few of our favorite sites include:

Fastcase: Although there’s still a commercial option for this legal research site, many state bars have signed on to participate in a members-only availability of the tools. Members of state bar associations with the service can now sign into their state bar accounts and sync cases to their mobile devices.

Cellular Abroad: It allows visitors to compare available cell phone options in different countries.

Read the full article at, http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/techshows_favorite_websites_for_lawyers/

In addition to lawyers, we also help many others with group cell phone rentals:

  • Religious Travel Groups
  • High School or College Student Trips
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Semester Abroad Students
  • Non-profits and NGOs
  • Corporate Business Groups
  • Government Junkets
  • Choir, Musical and Entertainment Acts

Anyone needing four or more phones for cellular service abroad are welcome to call us and inquire about our special group travel cell phone rental rates at 1-800-287-5072.

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