International Dialing

There’s a certain sense of anxiety that comes with traveling overseas.  Having a low cost cell phone as a means to communicate can help alleviate that stress, but many people remain anxious about how to make and receive calls with the phone.  All our services allow you to receive your phone number before you depart and come with printed out instructions detailing how to make and receive international calls.

What’s the + symbol for?

One thing that is often new to people is the + symbol.  The + symbol is the equivalent of dialing the international out prefix 011, if in the states, or the international out prefix 00, if abroad.  The + symbol covers both the 011 and 00 and allows you to use one symbol to dial out internationally no matter where you are.  Never use both the + and 011 or the + and the 00, you just need one or the other.  You can generate the + symbol by holding down the zero button of your phone, or it may be designated on the star or pound key.  So, you can use the 011 or the + as the prefix to dial out from the US or you can use the + or 00 to dial out internationally from overseas.

How do people from the US dial to reach me?

You want to give your friends, family or coworkers your international number.  Let’s say you’ve got a rental phone for Italy in this example.  If you want people in the US to contact you they will dial 011 or + then the country code for Italy, which is 39, and then the remainder of your number.  We email your international number to you the day your item ships.  It will also come printed out on the invoice inside your shipment.  If you’ve rented the number is always labeled on the back of your phone.   We always include the country code at the beginning of your number so all your friends, family or coworkers need to do is add the 011 or +.

Italy is a very straight forward example, but many other European cell phone numbers use a 0 before the local cell number.  This is a European cell phone designation to distinguish the cell numbers from traditional landline phones.  Any time someone in the US is dialing out internationally to reach you this cell phone designated 0 is dropped from the sequence.  So, if my German number is 015774851396, people in the US would reach me by dialing the 011 or + then the country code for Germany which is 49 then the remainder of the number 15774851396.  The 0 is only needed if you are being reached from another local number in the same country, and then the 0 is needed but not the international out prefix or country code.  Remember this 0 that is dropped is the one at the beginning of your number strand NOT the 0 in the 011 international prefix.

How do I dial out from overseas?

Here’s how you would make an outgoing call from Italy back to the US.  Using the overseas international out prefix of 00 or + you then need the country code for the US, which is 1, then the area code and number.  Since you have an Italian number if you are dialing any other Italian number you can just dial directly with out any international prefix or country code and they can do the same to reach you.  Dialing out internationally back to the US will always be the same for any service you have.

Does it all make sense? I hope I clarified everything.  We send you specific dialing instructions with every service and our reps are always standing by to answer any dialing question you may have. You got the phone to ease your stress while abroad so don’t worry you can pick up the dialing in no time.

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