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Finally. And when I say finally, I mean finally there is a European data SIM card that is worth having. Most US and Canadian providers currently do let you roam in Europe but, at a cost. Verizon currently has a plan for example that for $10 a day (actually more like $12 if you add the taxes) you can use your cell phone overseas as if you were in the United States. While this is not a terrible plan, if your trip is for a few weeks, it can add up. In addition, all it takes is just one person to send you one text and that text just cost you $10. Plus, if you want to use another device, such as an iPad, you would have to sign up for another line. And of course, there are still plenty of providers who still do not offer any roaming solutions plus others who are just too expensive to use.

A better approach is to put in a pay as you go SIM data card into your phone or tablet that was specifically designed for travelers heading to Europe. This SIM card gives users 12GB of data at 4G speeds. 12GB is virtually more than 99% of all travelers can use in a month. You can easily check the usage online. This option is a great options but it implies that you have an unlocked phone (meaning, your carrier allows you to put in a different carrier’s SIM card) or, that your iPad actually has a slot for a SIM card.

If your phone is locked to a carrier or your tablet does not have a slot for the SIM card, here is another solution – which is also a fantastic solution if you are traveling in a group.

If you are traveling with a group or even another family member (and provided you are with Verizon), it would cost each person about $12 per day. So, a family of three for a 2 week trip would pay over $500 with Verizon. For less than half of that, a family or group of up to ten people can simultaneously rent a mobile hotspot. The one caveat is that while 12GB is still a sizable amount, that does not mean that someone in your group should be downloading the last episode of their favorite TV show.

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