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Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile’s Roaming Rates for Cuba

Up until a couple of years ago, you could not use your cell phone, period in Cuba. The good news is that now the 4 major carriers in the US, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer roaming service in Cuba. That bad news is that the ra … Continue reading

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3G, 4G and LTE Speeds while traveling outside of America

A lot of people call in to our support hotline wondering why they’re not getting 3G quality service when they travel. Those of you who are familiar with GSM technology know that there are 4 standard frequency bands in the 2G spectrum: 850 … Continue reading

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Choose Brittany, France As Your Next Travel Destination

By Simmonuk A Bretagne generally called Brittany, is the delightful north west peninsula zone of France noted for its gorgeous beaches, magnificent seafood like oysters in particular, old geography and stone cliffs. It is placed in between … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Legally And Ethically Unlock Your AT&T iPhone 4, BUT…

AT&T will provide you with the steps to unlock the handset but you must already be past your initial contract period, or pay the early termination fee now. Why would such limited conditions apply? Because from AT&T’s point of … Continue reading

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How To Avoid “Silent” International Data Roaming Charges

When you take your smart phone overseas and turn it on, it might start downloading emails and using the foreign data networks at your carrier’s roaming rates! How To Turn Off Auto-Data Roaming In Android Phones In your Android smartph … Continue reading

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ABA Lawyers Love Cellular Abroad

We want to say “Thank you!” to the American Bar Association for featuring the Cellular Abroad website at their 2012 ABA Techshow: The always crowd-pleasing session “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” closed the ABA Techshow Saturday wh … Continue reading

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