Australian Cell Phone Rentals

I recently finished doing a 75 phone Australian cell phone rental order for the international Jewish Maccabi games in Sydney Australia. It was a lot of work, but we got great reviews of our service. The best thing I heard from the athletes and their families was about the free cell to cell minutes. Our plan lets you call to another cell phone on the same carrier for up to ten minutes free. The great part is that you can hang up after say nine minutes and call back and talk for another ten free minutes. Many people were also grateful about the locations where they could buy recharge vouchers. Most of the group was in the same hotel and we have access to a store locater that shows all the places where the extra minutes are sold and I was able to email out the store locations before everyone left so they knew right where to buy more time.  The next games will be held in Austria, we have coverage there too but not at the $0.05 per minute international rate they were getting in Australia.  Hopefully the word will spread and we can do more phones for them next time.

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