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Mobile data consumption is growing tremendously worldwide. The US is certainly no exception as the sales of smartphones and tablets (iPad) grow in popularity. Typical travelers want access to the internet to Skype, browse the web, upload pictures, use Googlemaps, research hotels and basically, anything one would do back home – and more.

However, US carriers such as Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T offer extremely expensive smartphone solutions (T-Mobile charges $15 per MB) and only AT&T offers a solution for tablets.


Cellular Abroad offers a data SIM card, a MiFi purchase option and a MiFi rental option. Here is a brief description of these products:

Data SIM Card – Available in different bundles (205MB, 500MB and 1GB) and rechargeable. This product is for tablets and smartphones.

MiFi Rental – a MiFi is a portable device that creates a private WiFi network allowing you to connect with any laptop, phone or tablet and up to 5 users at a time. Users can access the internet anytime, anywhere.

MiFi Purchase – This is the same product as described above but suitable for travelers who travel often.


These products offer affordable and easy to use data service for any WiFi enabled device. Not only do the US carriers not offer a full gamut of services (ex. Only AT&T offers international iPad service – if your iPad is 3G), but their rates are not feasible for many travelers. As with our current Nat Geo SIM card and Travel Phone, there are no contracts, no surprise bills and the costs are completely transparent. Here is an example of a MiFi Rental for Italy.

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