Use the left hand drop down menu to plug in your destination. The left hand side of the calculator will show all the incoming call rates and data rates. The right hand side will auto populate with the outgoing rates back to the US/Canada and locally within the Country selected.

Incoming calls while in:

To your UK# : $ 0.10 / min.
3G Data Service : $ 0.10 / MB
Outgoing from Australia to:

$ 0.30/min.
Calling to Australia : $ 0.30 / min
SMS to United States : $ 0.30 / min
  • Per-minute, Data or Text rates are billed against your $29 credit purchases.
  • Billing increments: 60 seconds. Rates subject to change.
  • SMS is supported differently by many GSM networks/carriers worldwide. Cellular Abroad can not guarantee text messaging in every country.