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International and Local SIM Cards

Local or "country specific" SIM cards are a GREAT value for travelers who will only be visiting one or two countries during their trip. Call and data rates are significantly less expensive than roaming with AT&T, Verizon and other providers. In addition, our local SIM cards are a much better value and a more convenient solution than just walking into a cell phone store when you arrive at your destination as they were designed specifically for the needs of the international traveler. Most of our SIM cards offer a US number option as well as a local number. You can even forward your current cell phone number to your new one. We also offer several data only solutions which are perfect for use with iPads or travelers who only need data.

In the event that we do not have a local SIM card for the country you select, you will be offered the Talk Abroad Travel SIM Card, which works in over 200 countries and offers unlimited free incoming calls in many countries, including all of Western Europe. Or, if you are planning a trip that you know will encompass several countries, please click on the Talk Abroad Banner. Please note that your cell phone needs to be an unlocked GSM phone with the 900/1800 bands. Contact us or your carrier if you are not sure. We offer SIM cards in standard/mini, micro and nano sizes. If you prefer not to deal with swapping out your SIM card in your device or, if your handset is locked, we also rent cell phones and sell phone/SIM packages. If you are not sure what your best option is, please contact us and we will explore your options.

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International SIM Cards

Cellular Abroad offers two types of prepaid communications solutions for the traveler: country-specific solutions and international solutions. A country-specific solution is the least expensive way of making and receiving cell phone calls in a specific country as you take advantage of the inexpensive local rates in a particular country. You will also have access to excellent international call rates and get unlimited FREE incoming calls in most countries.

Please click on the Talk Abroad logo if you are traveling to multiple destinations or on the list of countries below if you are traveling to one destination

Multi-Country SIM Card

The Talk Abroad SIM card allows you to roam seamlessly from country to country with one phone number while still enjoying excellent rates. In some situations, it's even cheaper than calling with a country-specific SIM card. If your travel plans include traveling to many countries, or you desire to keep one phone number regardless of where you are, this is an unbeatable option. The Talk Abroad SIM card also offers unlimited free incoming calls in all of Western Europe (as well as a handful of other countries) making it the perfect SIM card for people traveling to Europe.

*Not GSM technology

If you need a cell phone to along with any SIM card purchase, please view our Phone Rentals and Phone Packages, where you will find various, deeply discounted phone with SIM card options. You may also visit our GSM Cell Phone Sales pages for other GSM cell phones that we have available.

Pre-Paid Satellite Phone Service
While Cellular Abroad offers the lowest possible cell phone rates for many international destinations, for other destinations where there is little or no cell phone service such as on cruise ships and rural areas, Cellular Abroad is proud to offer affordable pre-paid satellite service with unlimited FREE incoming calls to the Caribbean, South America and Africa as well as anywhere else on earth! Cellular Abroad's pre-paid satellite service is the only solution for truly being able to travel the globe with one phone, one rate and one phone number.


What is the best international SIM card for my trip (which SIM should I buy)?

If you are going to only one country, for example, just to Italy or just to France, you should get a local or "country specific" SIM card for that country. This way, you will be paying the best rates and not roaming rates. Cellular Abroad offers local SIM cards for about 20 of the most popular destinations. If you are traveling to multiple countries, unless you are traveling for let's say Spain for a couple of weeks and Germany for a few weeks, it makes sense to buy a SIM card that is intended for multi country use as is the Talk Abroad Travel SIM card, available at this website and select retail stores in the USA.

Should I consider buying a SIM card locally?

SIM cards are available locally in most countries. As an example, you could go to Spain, locate a SIM card and purchase it. There are numerous advantages of buying a SIM card prior to your departure, the first being that not all SIM cards are created equal. As a concrete example, if you were to go to Italy and purchase an Italian SIM card, you would have to provide a codice fiscale which is the equivalent of a Social Security number. Although you can generate one for free online, most shop owners are not aware of this possibility or do not want to go through the steps to do so. In addition, you may have a challenge explaining to the shop clerk what you need (can you say, "I need a nano SIM card with data" in Italian?). The Italian SIM card that we carry here at Cellular Abroad was specifically designed to overcome the challenges of the English speaking tourist. The SIM is activated and ready to go, the voice prompts are in English, there are special rates and special options such as adding a US number to your SIM which just are not available in Italy at any price.

Still, if you are going to, say Uganda or a country where we do not offer a local SIM card, and you are going to be there for a significant amount of time or use a significant amount of data or make a lot of calls, we recommend getting a local one. However, so that you have something as soon as you land or, just in case you have trouble locating a local SIM card because there is a holiday and the stores are closed or you are going straight to a rural area or you cannot buy one because you don't have local residency, you should consider buying the Talk Abroad Travel SIM as a back up.

Where can I buy a SIM card?

Of course, on this website we offer a variety of SIM cards. There may be other websites as well that offer solutions for the country to where you will be traveling. This is all we do and all we have been doing since 2002 and we can safely say that we are the leaders in the field in terms of expertise, reputation and products. If you want to get a local SIM card when you land, you can sometimes do so directly at the airport, provided you arrive at a time when stores are still open. Alternatively, you can go to a cell phone store. Typically, only cell phone stores have SIM cards for sale. There is a misconception that tabacs and other retail stores carry SIM cards. This is generally speaking not the case. The do, however, offer top ups (additional call credit) but not the initial SIM card.

Can I put multiple SIM cards in my phone?

One great benefit of GSM cell phones is that as long as it is unlocked, you can put any SIM card in the phone provided it is the correct size. For example, if you go to China for a month, you can put in a Chinese SIM card in your phone and then, if your trip entails traveling to multiple countries, you can swap out the SIM card and put in a different one. In addition to this possibility, we offer dual SIM phones where you can have two SIM cards in at a time. The advantages of this are that you don't have to keep track of different SIM cards (they are small so easy to lose) and, you can also have different SIM cards that function simultaneously. Some business travelers will have one SIM card and associated number that is dedicated strictly for business and another one that is strictly for friends and family. This way you can answer the phone formally if a call comes in on one of the SIM cards and more leisurely if a call comes in on the other SIM card.

Why are there different SIM card sizes?

Let's face it, the carriers would prefer that you do not buy a global SIM card when you travel and just roam on their plan. While they cannot prevent you from doing this, they can throw in a few obstacles such as locking your phone or making different SIM card sizes. A sizeable portion of people, even knowing that they will spend a bundle on roaming, do not go through the motions of finding a SIM card, making sure that their phone is unlocked and then making sure that the SIM card size is correct and then changing out the SIM cards.. If you are like the majority and do not like wasting your money even though you will have to take an extra step or two or make a call or two between finding out if your phone will work overseas, what kind of SIM card it requires and then buying the SIM card, you have come to the right place.

What phone number will I get?

If you purchase the Talk Abroad Travel SIM, you will get a UK phone number and a US phone number. If you want to keep your usual phone number, you can forward it to the new US phone number we provide you with. If you are getting a local SIM card, you will get a local phone number with the option of adding a US phone number. The advantage of having a local phone number is that it is convenient and cost effective for people within that country to reach you. However, if you are in, say Australia and someone from the US needs to reach you, that would entail that they make an international call. This is why we offer US phone numbers that you can add to your plan.

How hard is it to change my SIM card in my phone?

Luckily, the manufacturers make this an easy task. You may have to take off the casing of the phone (where the battery is) in order to get to the SIM card or, in the case of the iPhone for example, you can just use a sharp instrument such as a paper clip and insert it into the hole where the SIM tray is (located on the side of the phone) in order to access the SIM card. In sum, it is about as easy as swapping out a memory card for a camera.

What are the rates and features of the SIM cards?

Every SIM card has its own unique rates and features. We try to make it simple for you to use the service and to understand the rates. Please click on the link for the SIM card that you are interested in for more rate information or to learn about the features. If you still have questions, please call us up and we will answer your questions.

I am not sure what SIM card to get. Can you help?

Many travelers have their own unique needs. For example, some travelers just need a phone for emergencies while others need to make a lot of calls, use apps such as Skype, Google Maps and others and use their laptop or tablet. If you have questions regarding what options are the best for your specific needs, drop us an email or give us a call!

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