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Service Features

The China data SIM card comes with 80GB of data for 30 days of service. While in the cellular industry this is considered, "unlimited data," Cellular Abroad prefers to refer to this as "virtually" unlimited data as it is more than enough data than the vast majority of travelers need if your trip is longer than 30 days and you want additional service, you must purchase another SIM card as this SIM is not rechargeable. There are exceptions of course, such as video production companies who need to stream large files of video. If this is your scenario, please consider purchasing multiple data SIM cards.

Detailed Features

  • Data Service provided by China Unicom, China's most reliable Mobile Broadband network service provider
  • 80GB of 4G-speed data service for up to 30 days (included in cost of purchase)
  • 3-1 SIM card. Fits any smartphone, tablet or any other device
  • Excellent coverage and fast data speeds
  • Easy activation. The Chinese government requires a scanned copy of your passport in order to activate your SIM card. Simply send us the scan at least 24 hours before your trip and you will arrive with your service already activated.

80GB of 4G speed data

30 day plan from arrival in China

Tethering enabled

China number provided

Service provided by China Unicom

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Our data SIM card utilizes the most extensive LTE high speed mobile data network available in China ensuring blazing fast data speeds virtually anywhere you travel within China. In addition, 80GB is considered an unlimited amount of data. To see what you can do with 80 GB of data, please refer to our Data Calculator. Using a data SIM from a Chinese carrier not only protects you from high data roaming fees associated with international roaming with your U.S., Canadian or other foreign cell phone service provider but it allows you to roam at the fastest possible speeds available on a Chinese mobile network. In addition, hackers typically are looking for a foreign number when they are trying to hack into your device and therefore, you are more secure when using a Chinese SIM card as opposed roaming with your US or Canadian phone.

The SIM card works in all unlocked LTE devices such as iPhones, tablets and mobile hotspots. The SIM card also includes a Chinese cell phone number that allows unlimited free incoming calls. If you need to make outgoing calls, we recommend using an app such as Skype


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