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Cellular Abroad, inc., a National Geographic Licensee, provides affordable international cell phone and mobile data services to travelers. Global voice and international data roaming plans from Verizon, AT&,T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other providers are not cheap and their cellular plans are limited. With Cellular Abroad, you can use your current unlocked phone, PC or tablet by renting a Wi Fi mobile hotspot or buying an international SIM card, or, you can select one of our international cell phones rentals or purchases. Our most popular solution is the National Geographic Travel Phone which works almost anywhere worldwide. Whether you need a simple solution such as making and receiving a few calls or unlimited internet access on your phone or tablet, we have a solution for you.

Since 2001, we have helped over 300,000 travelers rent international phones, SIM cards and mobile hotspots for their trip. We have been National Geographic licensees since 2006. In addition, we are the US distributor for many international cellular carriers. Our knowledge and selection of international roaming plans and solutions is unparalleled. Contact us today to discuss the best cellular and data solution for your next trip!



    Some travelers just need to make and receive phone calls and texts messages, plain and simple. The National Geographic Travel Phone is yours to keep for only $79.95 and features unlimited FREE incoming calls in 70 countries including all of Europe!.

  • How do I use your service?

    Rent or purchase a cell phone for your trip and do everything you typically do with a cell phone such as make calls, check your emails and browse the - but without the high roaming rates most carriers charge. You can also use your own devices with our service by either using one of our SIM cards or renting a MiFi hotspot.

  • Where can I use your service?

    You can connect to the internet and make and receive phone calls and use text messaging in over 200 countries worldwide.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our rates to make and receive phone calls or to use data are small fractions of what the major carriers charge. You can view some of our sample rates here.

    With Cellular Abroad, the service is pay as you go so you never need to worry about not knowing what your costs are nor do you need to drop your current service provider.

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