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Cellular Abroad, Inc., based in Los Angeles, CA, provides affordable and reliable international cellular and mobile data services to travelers. All of our solutions are pay as you go - no contracts to sign and you stay in complete control of your costs. International roaming plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile are expensive, difficult to understand, often offer poor service and limited options. In addition, most smaller carriers don't even offer international roaming plans.

Since 2001, Cellular Abroad has helped over 300,000 travelers have better international cellular service and more options without spending a small fortune on roaming fees. Whether you need a simple solution such as making and receiving a few calls or unlimited internet data on your smartphone, PC or tablet, we have you covered.

You can Rent or Buy an international mobile hotspot, rent an international cell phone or purchase a global SIM card or an International data SIM card for your trip overseas and stop paying costly international roaming fees from the moment you step off the plane. Contact us today for expert recommendations or, Enter the Name of your Destination Country Below to view all your available options.

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Guest Post from Our Travel Blog

Johnny Jet is a travel writer and a long time user of Cellular Abroad's services. He gets paid to travel the globe writing about his passion; traveling. He is also as nice of a guy as he looks!

Johnny has taken the time out to write a guest blog for Cellular Abroad on using your miles and points while traveling. He has thousands of other articles and a plethora of travel tips on his website, If you love traveling, we recommend you sign up for Johnny Jet's Newsletter.

Using Points and Miles

If you're loyal to a certain airline or hotel, you will most likely redeem your travel rewards directly through the airline or hotel website such as Southwest Airlines or World of Hyatt. But it can also be applied towards rental car agencies, cruise lines, train services, etc. It's possible to use the points for free travel or reservation upgrades.

Using Airline Miles for Free Flights

Airline miles are usually the most valuable travel rewards. This is because plane tickets typically cost more than other travel costs like hotel rooms and rental cars. Using the best airline miles credit card, you have more redemption options such as for basic economy, economy, business class, and first class seats. Plus, you have multiple airlines to choose from. For instance, there are at least 5 different ways to use miles towards flights to Hawaii.

Try Booking Award Flights Directly From the Airline First

Usually, you find the best award flight redemption values directly from the airline. With the notable exception of the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards, most flexible rewards cards only value each point at one cent each. You may better maximize your points and miles on airline websites.

Booking Alliance Partner Flights

You can also book partner flights with airline alliance members too. This is a good idea when you can pay less than booking directly from the airline you will fly. It's also good if you want to avoid fuel surcharges on international flights.

Best Ways to Use Points and Miles

If you are looking for some of the best ways to use points and miles, below are a few suggestions. The best option for airline miles can be whatever airline has the biggest hub at your local airport. Or, whichever airline, hotel, or rental car brand you use the most for business or personal travel.


  • How do I use your service?

    Rent or purchase a cell phone or mobile hotspot for your trip and do everything you typically do with a cell phone such as make calls, check your emails, browse the web and use apps such as Google Maps, WhatsApp and others - but without the high international roaming rates most carriers charge. You can also use your own devices with our service by either using one of our SIM cards or renting an international MiFi hotspot.

  • Where can I use your service?

    Almost anywhere in the world. In fact, you can connect to the internet and make and receive phone calls and use text messaging in over 200 countries worldwide.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our rates to make and receive phone calls and for mobile data are small fractions of what the major carriers charge and typically with better coverage and faster data speeds and with transparent pricing. With Cellular Abroad, the service is pay as you go so you never need to worry about how much you are spending. International cellular service is what we do and what we know best.

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