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International Calling

You must add international credit in order to be able to dial/text outside of the US.

International credit is available upon request in $30 blocks.
$30 = 60 minutes of outgoing or 120 outgoing text messages.

Outgoing Calls to the EU are $0.50 per minute.
Outgoing Texts to the EU are $0.25 per message.
Incoming calls or texts from anywhere are free.

Not calling back to the EU? Contact us for rates to other Countries.


30 day plan from arrival in US

3GB of 4G speed data

Unlimited Texts to US numbers

Unlimited Calls to US numbers

Unlimited free incoming/calls texts from anywhere

US number

Works on AT&T


Why pay roaming rates in the US when you can get a plan that covers you for everything you need? The National Geographic SIM Card for the United States offers a 30 day plan with a US number, 3GB of 4G speed data and unlimited calls and texts to US numbers! We will activate the card for you on the date your specify and email your new US number at that time. Additional data or additional 30 day plans can be requested by contacting us by phone or email. Your SIM user guide will provide all the details. You must make sure your phone is unlocked and know the SIM card size it takes. Call us if you have any questions at 1 800 287 5072 (M-F 8am-4pm PST) or email


Data Plan

Your National Geographic SIM card for America boasts 3GB of 4G speed data for use in Canada. 3GB is more than enough for most users and can be used for any internet function or app you currently use.


Upon request you can add on another 30 days of the offered plan for $89.95.

US SIM card FAQs

Will the SIM card work with my phone?

As long as your phone has the international GSM bands (virtually all do) and is unlocked, it will work. Be sure to select the correct SIM card size for your phone.

How much does it cost to make a call or send a text when I'm in the US?

Your plan offers unlimited calls and texts to US Numbers.

When will I get my US number?

Your US number is generated when your SIM is activated. The activation date is up to you. The instructions you receive with the SIM will ask you to email the date you want your plan to go live. You will be emailed your US number on this date.

How good is the coverage?

Coverage is exceptional. There are, of course, areas where there is limited coverage but as a rule of thumb, where there are people or roads (excluding isolated country roads), there is usually coverage. The SIM operates on the AT&T network.

More questions? Call us at 800.287.5072 and we will be glad to be of assistance.

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