United Kingdom Cellular Service and Coverage

If you are planning on going to the UK and need to stay in contact with home or your office, there are several cellular solutions available. You can rent a cell phone through a cell phone rental agency. Generally speaking, they will rent you the handset and then bill you for per minute usage fees. There are usually minimum daily fees that cell phone rental companies charge.

Another popular solution is to roam with your current cell phone provider, provided you have one. They will need to rent or sell you a handset that is compatible for overseas use in the likely possibility that your current phone is incompatible.

While both of these solutions work, not only are they expensive but you will inevitably come back home to an unexpectedly high cellular bill as it is difficult to monitor usage. By far, the least expensive method of obtaining cellular service for use in the UK is to go to the source and use a UK cellphone company. In the United Kingdom, as well as in most other countries in the world, cell phone users can purchase prepaid SIM cards.

A SIM card is a chip that contains such information as your phone number, call log, your address book and also, your call credit. SIM cards contain call credit that is easily "rechargeable." You can purchase recharge vouchers at convenience stores and gas stations and by revealing and then punching in a code, will give you additional call credit. Local UK rates, depending on the provider, are extremely convenient and many fractions less than the above "traditional" cellular service methods. At the time of this writing, to call the US is as little as 8 US cents per minute. With a prepaid SIM card, incoming calls are free. That means that you can make a call to the US or anywhere else in the world, have the caller call you back, and not incur any charges whatsoever for the incoming call. Are so-called conventional cell phone communication options for the United Kingdom obsolete? It would appear so.

With a UK rental package from Cellular Abroad, you'll get your choice of standard or deluxe rental phone plus a local UK prepaid SIM card. Frequent travelers or those going on an extended trip might want to consider a UK package, consisting of an unlocked tri-band GSM cell phone bundled with a UK SIM card. If you already have an unlocked GSM phone (with at least an 1800 MHz band), you'll simply need to purchase a UK SIM card, pop it in your phone, and you'll have a UK phone! Group rentals or group purchases for UK travelers are also available at significant discounts. Finally, a multi-country solution, known as the Talk Abroad™ is a popular alternative for those traveling to multiple countries.

With all of these options, you'll enjoy excellent rates and have your UK phone number available to give out to friends, family and business colleagues before you travel.

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