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You can now use your United Kingdom SIM card almost anywhere else in Europe without incurring roaming charges. As long as you activate your UK SIM in the UK, you can travel to anywhere in the EU and benefit from the same calling and data plan

500 minutes to US/Canadian numbers

500 minutes to UK/European numbers

1GB of data at 3G speeds

Unlimited FREE incoming calls and texts from anywhere

Unlimited Lebara to Lebara calls

Need more data? Add-on an additional 2GB data - $39

Add-on US number - 6 hrs of incoming calls $19

3 in 1 SIM card nano/micro/mini fits all phones!

(Add-ons available upon checkout)
*Plan and add-ons last for 30 days from your arrival in the UK.

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United Kingdom SIM Card

If you are traveling anywhere in the United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are tired of paying the exorbitant voice and data roaming fees through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other carriers, simply replace your current SIM card with our Lebara UK SIM card into your unlocked phone and start saving. The UK SIM card features 1GB of data, 500 minutes of outbound calling to the North America, an additional 500 minutes of calling to UK numbers and free incoming calls from anywhere. Text messaging is not included. In order to text, we recommend using an app such as Whatsapp. While the SIM does include 1GB of data, If you need more data, you can purchase another data bundle of 2GB for a total of 3GB of data at 3G speeds. Please note that the service is valid for 30 days from the first day you use the SIM card. If you would like to extend the service beyond 30 days, you can do so by adding another 30 day service bundle during check out.


Many travelers rely heavily on mobile data in order to check their emails, browse their web or use their mobile apps. While the initial SIM card includes 1GB of data at 3G speeds, some travelers simply need more. You can add an additional 2GB of data to your service for just $49. This will give you a total of 3GB of data usage for 30 days. If you need additional data for more than 30 days, please add multiple data bundles during check out. Please note that you can only have a total of 3GB of data per 30 day period.

US Add-on

While incoming calls are always free, callers from the US or Canada would have to dial an international number to reach you, which can be costly. Plus, they might not know how to reach you if they don't know your new UK phone number. For just $19. you can add 360 minutes (that's 6 hours) of incoming calls on a US number. You can order multiple bundles of $19 if necessary. This option also allows you to retain your current phone number(s) simply by forwarding your current number to your new US number. You will still also retain the UK phone number on your SIM card.

How Do Cellular Abroad Rates For The United Kingdom Compare To Your Current Carrier?
  Cellular Abroad AT&T Verizon Sprint T-Mobile
Incoming Free $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
Outgoing Local 500 minutes $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
Calls to N. America 500 minutes $1.29 $1.29 $1.29 $1.49
3 GB Data (3G) $49 $720 $750 $50,000** N/A
** This is NOT a typo. Sprint's rates are $10 per mb (5GB =5000mb).


If your trip is longer than 30 days, you can add additional 30 day bundles of service. Each bundle will renew your plan, which includes 500 North American and 500 UK minutes of calling and 1GB of data.

UK 30 Day Service Bundle
only $49.00

Each bundle will extend your plan an additional 30 days.

Data Plans

The UK SIM comes with 1GB of data. If you need more, an additional 2GB data bundle add on is available upon checkout for a total of 3GB of data. This gives data at 3G speed and lasts for 30 days from your arrival in the UK. Check your emails, stream videos, check your online bank accounts, buy tickets, Skype home, use GPS and do anything else you usually do on the internet. Why search for a slow, risky wifi hotspot when you can get a secure and faster connection anywhere you want.

UK SIM card FAQs

Will the UK SIM card work with my phone or tablet?

As long as your device supports the 900 and 1800 Mhz GSM networks and is unlocked, it is compatible with the Lebara for making and receiving calls with the Lebara UK SIM card. For data capabilities, your device must have the 2100 Mhz frequencies. For an in depth overview of international cellular compatibilities, please visit http://www.cellularabroad.com/blog/3g-4g-and-lte-speeds-while-traveling-outside-of.

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

You cannot tell physically if your cell phone is unlocked. If you are with AT&T and you put a different SIM card (such as T-Mobile) in and it picks up a network, it is unlocked. Conversely, if you put another SIM card in and it says, "enter subsidy code" or similar, it is locked. As a rule of thumb, most newer smartphones from Verizon, such as the iPhone 5 or 6 are unlocked. Most phones from other carriers are locked but oftentimes, are unlockable. Call your carrier to check to see if your phone is unlocked or if it qualifies for being unlocked.

Do you offer micro and nano SIM cards?

Yes. They are available during checkout.

How do I know I should order a standard, micro or nano UK SIM card?

The easiest way to check to see what size SIM card your device needs is to do a search for, "sim card size" and the make and model of your device.

Why don't I just purchase a SIM card when I get to the UK?

You can do that. Unlike other countries where language is a barrier, at least in the UK this isn't an issue. However, this particular SIM card with these great rates is NOT easy to find. The Lebara SIM is intended specifically for travelers and has better rates than virtually all other providers. In addition, some features, such as the US number add on, are Cellular Abroad exclusive products. Plus, getting set up before you arrive in the UK is certainly a convenience.

How good is the coverage?

Lebara uses T-Mobile's cellular towers. T-Mobile is one of the largest carriers in the UK. Hence, the coverage is very good. However, it is impossible for any carrier to guarantee complete coverage.

Where can I get more talk time?

You can get additional call credit either through Cellular Abroad or through any convenience store in the UK.

Will it work as soon as I land in the UK?

Yes. You will need to power on the phone and send a short text message. This will initiate the service for 30 days. In addition, you will need to change the APN on your handset if you will be using data. The APN settings and the short text information will be provided together with the SIM card.

Does it work outside of the UK?

Yes it does but you will be roaming. If you are using it sporadically, then roaming is probably not an issues. If you are traveling to other countries for any considerable length of time, try our National Geographic Travel SIM card.

How much will it cost people in the USA/Canada to call me on my UK number?

That depends on their plan. A great option is to add the "US Number" feature to your service. Each $19 will give you 360 minutes of incoming calls on a US number.

Can I keep my usual number?

Yes you can. Purchase the US Number add on and forward your current number to the new one (ask your carrier what the procedure is). This is ideal for business travelers who need to be reached at all times but is also a double edged sword for travelers going for a bit of rest and relaxation as anyone who calls your usual number will reach you. Another option is just to give a select few your new US number.

Can I use the SIM card next year when I go the UK?

You must use your service at least once every 80 days. Therefore, unless you need to retain the same number, it is probably more convenient just to get a new SIM card next time you travel.

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