United States Cellular Service by T-Mobile

Cellular Abroad now offers GSM cellular service for the United States with T-Mobile. If you purchase any of our unlocked GSM cell phones, you can now use that cell phone in the United States from California to New York and almost everywhere in between as well as overseas by simply using a local US SIM card with T-Mobile service.

There are two basic options for cell phone service, either prepaid service or postpaid service. If you are planning on using your cell phone sparingly, we recommend prepaid cellular service. Prepaid service is ideal if you need an emergency phone, for people on a tight budget who don't want a monthly bill or even for young children so that you can control their usage.

If you plan on using your cell phone for anything more than the above state reasons, then postpaid cellular service is a better choice. T-Mobile offers a wide selection of plans suitable for light cellular users to heavy cellular users and everywhere in between.

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