Cellular Coverage and Service in Spain

In a word, cellular coverage and service is excellent in Spain. In Spain, as well as in most other countries in the world, the predominant cellular system is GSM. The digital quality of the system permits cellular quality that is so good that it is very difficult to perceive that one is talking on a cell phone. Until very recently, if you needed cell phone service in Spain you would have to either roam with your current carrier or rent a cellular phone through one of the many cell phone rental companies. Both of these two solutions are still available yet they continue to be expensive and therefore, only those that have a real necessity for cellular service, or who have deep pockets, are willing to bear the expense. Luckily, there is now a solution that makes cell phone service in Spain accessible to anyone. This is good news since the necessity of staying in contact, especially while overseas, is only increasing.

The inexpensive solution is to utilize the same service as the Spanish. The majority of cellphone users in Spain have what is known as a prepaid SIM Card. This is a little chip that inserts into an overseas GSM phone, giving you a local phone number, all the conveniences of a cellphone such as call log, an address book and so forth and, of course, the possibility to make and receive calls. Since the chip is prepaid, you do not need to sign a contract or have any commitment. Prepaid Spain SIM cards come with an initial amount of call credit, that, when expires, can easily be added. Once you have the initial chip in your phone, you may purchase "reload" vouchers at magazine stands. These vouchers are available in different units. Think of it as filling up at the gas station. You can put $10 or $20 or more and the gas you receive will give you a certain amount of miles depending on how you drive. Recharge vouchers give you a certain amount of time depending on where you call. In any event, the rates are advantageous and fractions of the conventional methods such as renting a cell phone. In addition, all incoming calls are free, no matter of the call's origin. While this method of obtaining cellular service in Spain is little know, it is certain to become the predominant way of overseas communication.

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