Cellular Service and Coverage in Russia

Having a cell phone with you while traveling within Russia is something you really should have. The United States cellular network does operate on an entirely different frequency than those in other countries, making obtaining a GSM phone while abroad a necessity for cell phone service. Luckily, these systems can both be bought or rented. Most of the other parts of the world operate using the GSM standard so this is especially helpful for the frequent traveler.

Cell phone service in Russia is especially good for those renting a car, and for those traveling alone, as the extra measure of security can equate to a much better quality in trip. Cellular phones in Russia while visiting is wonderful for keeping in touch, and for a more up-close perception to friends and family members of what your trip is like, more personable and immediate than a post card.

Cellular phone services in Russia are almost always much cheaper than calls from the hotel room. They are convenient, affordable, and are within the grasp of all travelers.

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