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Although Vodafone recharge cards can be found at convenience stores and gas stations throughout New Zealand, many of our customers like the convenience of having a spare recharge code (or more) available before they arrive in New Zealand. (The codes are used to add talk-time credit to a prepaid account.) Busy executives, parents who want to make sure their traveling children can always reach them and those who may not be near a typical point of sale find that buying one or more recharge codes from Cellular Abroad makes for a smart investment. If you're running low on talk time late one New Zealand night, you're just a phone call away from a recharge.

It's important to remember that all your incoming calls are free, so you can save a lot of money by having people call you back to your New Zealand number when traveling. Also, since incoming calls are always free, you will always be able to receive calls, even if you've run out of call credit.

Reasons to Buy from Cellular Abroad:

  • Have extra talk time credit to add to your prepaid account as soon as you arrive
  • Each $20 NZD recharge gives about 23minutes of calls to the US, Canada or New Zealand
  • It's the most convenient way to add extra call credits
  • Saves time if a point-of-sale location is not available
  • More talk time is just a phone call away!
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • Any Vodafone prepaid customer can take advantage of phone-in recharges

Here's how to add the call credit:

  • If using a recharge card, scratch the paint panel off the back of the recharge card to reveal a 12 digit code
  • Call 777 from your "New Zealand" phone, select option 2 to top up, then select 1 and enter the 12-digit number into the keypad of your cell phone.
  • An electronic voice will repeat the numbers back to you. Confirm the numbers are correct.

To Order by Phone:
You can purchase additional recharge codes via phone whenever you need to add more call credits to your prepaid account. Just call Cellular Abroad at 00-1-310-862-7100 and we can sell you as many recharge codes as you need. Our office hours are 8AM to 4PM PST, seven days a week. (During our winter low-season months, we close at 5PM.) With your credit card on file and by correctly identifying yourself, we can process your order very quickly. With the extra code(s), you'll be able to add more minutes from anywhere in New Zealand

Service Life:
Your New Zealand PrePay SIM card and initial call credit are valid for 12-months from the time of activation. Every purchase of a recharge card extends the service life for an additional 12 months from the date the airtime is credited to your SIM card. If do not recharge your New Zealand SIM card within 12 months your cell phone number will be disconnected and you will lose all call credit

For detailed information on using the New Zealand Prepaid SIM card, please click here.

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