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If you are traveling to several destinations, please read this guide to determine if you should consider using one or more Prepaid Country Specific SIM Cards or a Prepaid International SIM card. Each has its advantages.

A Country Specific SIM Card will allow you to take advantage of the local rates for that specific country. Domestic and International calling rates are generally very low and incoming calls are almost always 100% free regardless of the call's origin (depending on the country). For rates and to see if your destination country offers unlimited free incoming calls, please consult the SIM card for the country of your choice by clicking here.

Although Country Specific SIM Cards offer advantageous rates, you cannot roam outside of that specific country (some cards allow you to roam outside of the country but roaming may be limited, expensive, does not include free incoming calls - and once you deplete your credit, you will find it very difficult if not impossible to add more talk time. Cellular Abroad does not recommend or support international roaming for Country Specific SIM Cards).

If you intend to travel to multiple countries, please consider an International SIM Card. An International SIM Card allows you to roam seamlessly from country to country with one SIM card, and consequently, with one phone number. Rates are higher than those for Country Specific SIM Cards and you do not get free incoming calls. Please consult our International SIM Card section for calling rates.

You can also combine an International SIM Card with any of the Country Specific Cards. For example, if you intend on traveling to Italy for one week yet plan on taking short trips to neighboring countries such as France, Switzerland or Austria, you can use an International Card for those countries and the Italian SIM Card while in Italy.

Regardless of which option suits you best, you will find that Cellular Abroad will save you money and provide you with the convenience you need.

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