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Single Country MiFi Hotspot Rentals

The internet is a great way to plan your trip and keep in touch while vacationing or working overseas. Unfortunately, free internet is not always available and it is never secure. If you need to access to the internet 24/7, we offer prepaid MiFi Hotspot Rentals. Convenient, secure and affordable, a MiFi Rental lets you connect to the internet 24/7 - even while sitting down at a café or while in a train or a car. This portable device - the aptly named "MiFi" hotspot - allows anyone to use their WiFi enabled device (e.g. an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop or smartphone) to browse the internet, make calls with Skype, check emails, use Google Maps, watch videos and anything else you typically do online.

For travelers who are only visiting one country, Cellular Abroad recommends renting an Individual Country MiFi hotspot. The main advantage over the Multi-Country service is that you can get a better rate for your data usage and, since you are not roaming, faster connections. As an example, if you're just traveling just to Italy, our Italy MiFi Rental offers 10GB of data usage which is more than enough for 99% of travelers. Please click on the country to where you will be traveling for more information and rates.

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International Data Hotspot Rentals

Cellular Abroad now offers a prepaid data solution that's perfect for travelers who want to stay connected to the internet 24/7 - even outdoors! This unique device - the aptly named "MiFi" hotspot - allows anyone with their own portable WiFi enabled device (e.g. an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop or smartphone) to take advantage of mobile data services and 3G data speeds - at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile data!

Multi-Country International Hotspot Rental

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Multi-Country International Hotspot Rental

The International MiFi Hotspot is a global Internet service that works in 33 countries, with 3G speeds available in more than 33 countries. This is the perfect solution for business or casual travelers who will be visiting multiple countries and need a constant data connection everywhere they go. Click the National Geographic banner below for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship rentals outside of the US/Canada.

More on MiFi Rental Packages

If you decide to rent a MiFi device, Cellular Abroad takes care of all setup, activation and data credits for you to have a comfortable trip and not worry about complicated settings or buying and activating credits. If you choose to buy a MiFi device, we offer a wide range of data enabled SIM Cards, but can only offer limited support for your journey.

For unlimited plans like Italy, please make sure you understand the literature before purchasing - we recommending calling Cellular Abroad at +1-310-862-7100 to set up your MiFi device rental, and our dedicated support team will make sure you're fully informed before you commit to buy or rent. For more information on how this all works, please visit our frequently-asked questions page . It will familiarize you with the exceptional services and products that we offer, as well as show you how to take advantage of our products for all of your global communication needs.

Cellular Abroad's prepaid cell phone service is not just the budget way of obtaining international cellular service-it's the smart way!

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