Mexico / Canada / U.S. (AT&T Gophone) Prepaid SIM Instructions
+1 310 862-7100
Please be sure to read these instructions before you leave!    

If you experience any technical difficulties with your phone or SIM card and you do not contact Cellular Abroad for technical support by phone or by email during your trip, we cannot offer any refund or compensation.

WARNING FOR IPHONE 4, 4S, 5c, 5S USERS: This SIM Card will currently not work in your phone, unless you purchased your iPhone from AT&T.

Dialing Information
A GSM cellular phone with no service-provider lock. The phone must be capable of functioning in the 1900 GSM band. (More bands are ok.)

Your US Cell Number to US & Canada: 1 – area code – phone number
Your US Cell Number to US (while in Mexico): 001 – area code – phone number
Your US Cell Number to Mexico (while in Mexico): Local Mexican area code – phone number
Mexico Numbers to Your US Cell Number: 001 – area code – phone number

SIM Insertion
The SIM card has been inserted for rental and purchase orders. If you purchased the SIM card only - Snap out the SIM chip from the SIM card and insert the chip into your GSM Phone with the metal portion facing down as to make contact with the contact prongs.

Service Activation:
You must provide Cellular Abroad with the date you would like your service actived.

Email the activation date along with your Order ID to
You will receive a confirmation response from a support representative.

Your service will last for 30 days from the activation date and is only extended by the addition of call credit.
See the "Service Life" section below for the service life extension table.

Upon activation you will be emailed a US phone number based on your billing zip code - unless otherwise specified.

Any initial or additionally purchased call credit will also be applied upon activation.

Once you have received activation confirmation you may begin using your phone.

Checking your credit:
You can dial *777# to check your credit at any time.

Adding Talk Time:
The easiest way to add additional talk time is over the phone directly from the handset. You can add talk time from the US or within Mexico with a US credit card. Dial 611 to reach Customer Support or *729 to reach the Payment Center.

NOTE:To add your recharge voucher codes while in the US or Canada, dial *888*(recharge PIN code)#send. While in Mexico dial *729 to reach the Payment Center and follow the prompts.

Voicemail must be activated while in the U.S. before you leave for Mexico or Canada. Press and hold the 1 key on your handset to connect to your voice mail box system and follow the phone instructions to set up your recorded message. Listening to your voice mail costs $0.10 per minute while in the US and $0.25 per minute while in Mexico

Information and Talk Rates Chart

Key Features
  • US cell phone number
  • Voicemail
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Pay as you go service
  • Supports data (in the US) - $0.0195 per KB
Initial Credit
  • US$15
  • 150 minutes of incoming or outgoing calls in the U.S.
  • 60 minutes of incoming or outgoing calls in Mexico
  • 39 minutes of incoming or outgoing call in Canada
Talk Rates (per min.)

Mexico : $0.25 in&out
US : $0.10 in&out
Canada : $0.39 in&out

Text / SMS Rates

$0.25 outgoing
$0.20 incoming

Internet/Data Service

3G data is not available

If you are unable to make calls to the US try dialing 00 before the 1 area code and number.
If you are unable to make or receive calls switch networks on your phone.  Consult your phone’s manual.  The steps will be like these:

  • Menu > Settings/Setup > Network > Available Network/Change Network > Search
  • Select a different network carrier than the one currently shown.

If you are receiving no reception bars, emergency calls only, SOS, or no service
check your phones band setting:  Consult your phone’s manual. The steps will be like these:

  • Menu > Settings/Setup > Network > Network Setup >Band
  • Make sure you select 1900

Service Life:
When you add call credit, you also extend the validity period as follows:

  • $15 : 30 days
  • $25 : 90 days
  • $50 : 90 days
  • $75 : 90 days
  • $100 : 365 days

For hardware issues:

  • Please contact Cellular Abroad at +1-310-862-7100 (8am to 4pm PST, Monday through Saturday, English speaking reps) or via email at

You will find a copy of these instructions on our website at

Cellular Abroad is not responsible for typos, misinformation, change of service or menu prompts, lack of coverage or other possibilities that result in a lack of service or otherwise resulting in not being able to make or receive calls. We try to supply the most accurate information possible.  Carrier rates, service plans and related information can change without notice. If you find any discrepancies between these instructions and your actual experience with the phone service or if you have useful additional information, we would appreciate any clarifications, suggestions or corrections. Please send your comments to

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