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Information on Dr. Lawrence Thomas and WP World Phones International

July 20, 2008

Our experience with Dr. Lawrence Thomas, owner and CEO of WP Phones has unfortunately been disastrous. Here is a brief summary of the documented facts. Cellular Abroad purchased WP branded cell phones from a phone wholesaler in 2007. It eventually became apparent that the phone model, the WP 188, was not up to our standards in terms of quality and indeed, we ultimately ended up selling approximately 500 of them to another quality for a substantial loss. Later in 2007, we were approached by Patricia Marsh of MarshBoyd Business Consultancy Services, representing WP Phones, based out of London, in the UK. Eventually, we agreed on details for an order for 1000 quad band cell phones of higher quality and with customization at $75 each, including shipping to our US office (75,000 USD total funds). We paid 50% up front and the other 50% upon approval of the handset and the customizations we required. The contract stipulated that we would receive the entire shipment prior Q1, 2008. To date, July of 2008, we have not received the phones nor the reimbursement of the funds, despite various written promises by Dr. Lawrence Thomas.

After we understood that there was a problem receiving the phones, we decided to investigate WP World Phones and Dr. Lawrence Thomas in greater detail – which we seriously recommend anyone whose is thinking of doing business with WP Phones or associates do. What we discovered was not comforting. For reasons pertaining to our legal claims with WP and Dr. Thomas, we are withholding the most sensitive information.

Cellular Abroad first attempted to contact WP Phones location in Switzerland, where Dr. Thomas claims his office is; they do not know of him or his company. When a business partner we currently work with went to Switzerland to speak with Dr. Thomas about a possible deal, he did not see an office. The excuse was that they were completely redoing it (the phone number on WP’s website is non-functioning). WP World Phones, in fact, as a manufacturer, does not exist. They do not own factories anywhere in the world; they have on occasion put their logo on another factory’s phones. Indeed, our understanding regarding the initial phones that we purchased had been ordered by WP Phones with their logo through a factory in China. WP was not able to pay for them and the factory sold them off to different resellers, one of which in turn sold them to us.

Dr. Thomas speaks about million dollar deals in Africa, Cuba and South American, claims he has factories in China and Korea and offices in different areas of the world. This is pure fantasy. Any person or company of this caliber would be a documented trail on the internet and within the telecom business. He is an unknown in the field and there is very little about him or WP World Phones on the internet – which is a dismal sign.

Regarding Pat Marsh of Marsh and Associates, we have no reason to claim or believe that she or her company intentionally or knowingly defrauded Cellular Abroad together with WP World Phones International. Still, Ms. Marsh should have investigated Mr. Lawrence Thomas and WP Phones more extensively prior to offering their products on the market. As of recent, Mr. Thomas has not returned phone calls or email.

updated 9/30/09

As of today, we have still not received funds from Lawrence Thomas. Since the above has been written, we have heard numerous stories regarding fraud and attempted fraud. I have heard that people that have met him personally have been invited to a luxurious location in London, but, when it came down to talking business and specifics, he was not convincing.

I would like to add that if WP Phones were a “real” company with real products and if Lawrence Aileru Thomas was the successful businessman that he claims to be, information about his products, company and person would be all over the internet yet it is not.

Accordingly, he also does or rather, attempts, to transact in other business ventures such as golf and oil. Do your due diligence and do not become a victim of fraud like we were!

updated 5/1/2014

Amazingly, this person is still around and still defrauding or at least attempting to defraud people. We have received numerous inquiries about Lawrence Thomas and our warnings have resulted in companies doing their due diligence. Every company that has done contacted me has told me that they will not do business with him. His new company is called Omega Refineries. Google their website. I have zero opinion regarding Omega Refineries, their business ethics nor do I know about them. However, I do have a strong opinion regarding Lawrence Thomas as evidenced by this post. Recently, I was contacted by a business who was doing their due diligence and they wanted to hear about my experience with him, which I was more than glad to share. I learned about Omega Refineries through them as a matter of fact. I also spoke to his partner based in Texas and I told him about my experience. Needless to say, he was quite in shock and he also told me that he didn’t want to be associated with someone who has an outstanding debt (which is to put it very lightly) and if a particular deal came through, he would see to it that I would be paid back – plus interest. This person seemed very sincere and saddened – saddened to the extent that I very much toned down my adjectives when I spoke about Lawrence Thomas. More than anything, he seemed to be very disturbed that Dr. Lawrence Thomas boasted about his education at Harvard and that they were not able to verify his attendance. In fact, I have a copy of an email that came directly from the Harvard Business School stating that he was never a student.

Lastly, I want to share a laughable email that I received about 2 minutes after I sent a personal email to Lawrence Thomas telling him that I have not forget about him nor what he had done. This is the email that I received from someone, more than likely from Lawrence himself.

Dear Sir,

We do not approve unsolicited email sent directly or indirectly to our company or any of its affiliated companies and would therefore ask you to refrain from such actions. Continuation of unsolicited emails may result in lawsuits from our US based attorney. Omega-Refineries or any of its affiliated companies have never conducted, neither have they entered into negotiations or any transaction with you or your company.

We therefore ask you to stop sending unsolicited emails.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,

Omega-Refineries Legal Department
Fort Worth

This came from . An attorney uses a Gmail account and doesn’t sign it and just 2 minutes after I sent him my email? Highly unlikely!

Sebastian Harrison
President, Cellular Abroad

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