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Italy, probably more than any other country and due to it's boot-like shape, distinguishes itself on any map. Italy is comprised of 20 regions, each also remarkably distinguished and distinct from one another. Most everyone is aware of the uniqueness of cities like Venice and Rome, the beauty of spots such as the Amalfi coast and Capri, or the imposing environments such as the Italian Alps or the Tuscan countryside. Yet these places are just a handful of the many unique spots to be found on the map. Italy offers pristine and virtually untouched beaches, vast desert like terrains, great lakes, immense valleys, smoking volcanoes, verdant countrysides and rocky hills - not to mention an incredibly diverse range of architectural structures and forms. Considering you can literally drive from one end of Italy to the other in one day (not that you would want to), the vast differences are startling.

As someone who has lived half of his life in Italy and has criss-crossed it many dozens of times, I have been to most of the major attractions, cities and towns that even the most scrutinizing tourist is familiar with. However, when I do happen to go somewhere new, I am almost always in awe of my surroundings and wonder why I didn't know about this place before. Even the most obscure and remote locales in Italy are worthwhile. So grab a map and go discover Italy. I promise you won't be disappointed!  [Sebastian Harrison–President, Cellular Abroad ]

Here's a clever trip-planning tip: Buy your street and highway maps for Italy before you depart. With a map, atlas, street guide or excursion guide in hand, you'll be able to know where you're going before you get there! Rather than spending precious vacation time hunting down a store that sells maps and then trying to figure out where things are, we think Trektools can get your Italian vacation off on the right foot. They've got more maps than you could possibly find at most Italian bookstores and you won't have to start your trip by being lost.

Here are your major Italian Cities: Country Map of Italy

Speaking of planning ahead, you can't beat the convenience and security of having a cellular phone for Italy with an Italian phone number. Imagine having the benefits of local cellular service such as low rates and unlimited free incoming calls from anywhere in the world—any time of day or night—just like one of the locals! Cellular Abroad offers prepaid rental phones for Italy as well as our Talk Abroad rental—a prepaid international roaming phone—good for use on multi-country trips. (The Talk Abroad™ offers free incoming calls in over 99 countries!) You can also purchase an Italy phone and SIM card package for better value on long trips (or if you or a friend are frequent overseas travellers). Of course, you can also buy a Talk Abroad™ international roaming phone and SIM card bundles. Finally, if you already own an unlocked GSM world phone, you can pick up an Italy SIM card or Talk Abroad SIM. Either way, you'll be able to give out a European number to friends, family and colleagues back home before you leave. To learn more about GSM phones, prepaid SIM cards and how they can both save you a lot of money and keep you connected while you're abroad, go to our Start Here page or check out our FAQs.

For more Italy trip-planning resources, visit our Italy hotels, Italy car rentals and Italy Cellular Information pages. Here is a Euro to US Dollar converter.

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