Italy (UnoMobile) User Guide
+1 310 862-7100


Service Activation:

  • Email with the date you would like your service to be activated.
  • Please include your Order ID or Italian phone number.
  • We will reply with a confirmation email.
    • Once activated all your initial or additionally purchased call bundles or data plans will be applied. Reminder: Data bundles last for 30 days from activation

Making test calls in the US are $2/min incoming and outgoing!
You can put your SIM card into your phone and power it on to confirm your phone is unlocked and the SIM is valid. It will show reception on AT&T or T-mobile. You can edit contacts or play around in the menu, but you will be charged for calls or texts!

SIM Insertion:

  • If prompted your default PIN code is 1111.

Not sure how to insert your SIM? Google your phone model and insert SIM. YouTube has great how to videos with your specific model.

  • Samsung phones typically insert under the back plate or under the battery.
  • Apple phones have a SIM slot on the right edge of the phone.

Data Plan Setup: (1GB or 2GB)

  • Set your handsets Access Point Name: (APN) to (all other fields are blank)
  • Some models require the APN to be

How to set an APN:

(iPhone users: You cannot see the APN option until the foreign SIM card is inside. The settings will automatically revert to your current APN when you replace your US SIM Card)

iPhone 5, 6 - Settings>Cellular>set Cellular Data to on>go into Cellular Data Options> set Data Roaming to on> go into Cellular Data Network> set APN

iPhone 4 - Settings>Cellular>set Cellular Data to on>set enable 3G to on>set Data Roaming to on> go into Cellular Data Network> set APN

Android 1.6 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3
From the Home screen Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (APNs) > Menu key (or three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.

Android 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2/4.4 / 5
Settings menu > Wireless & Networks or Network Connections or Connections tab > More settings, More..., or More networks > Mobile networks/Cellular Networks > Access Point Names > Menu key or (three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.

Android 6.0
From the Settings menu, look under Backup and reset, under Reset > Reset network settings > RESET SETTINGS > If a PIN, Password, or Fingerprint has been enabled, enter it > Tap RESET SETTINGS again > A confirmation message will display when complete > Menu key or (three-vertical-dot icon) > Create new APN use Menu key again to Save.

How to Dial:

  • Your Italian Cell to USA: 001 - area code - US Phone Number
  • USA to your Italian Cell: 011- 39- Your Italian Number
  • Italian Cell to Italy: Direct Dial Italian number excluding the 39
  • Italy to Italian Cell: Your Italian number excluding the 39

Checking Your Credit:

  • Dial *5002# and send it like a call - your credit balance will be displayed (displays in Euros not minutes, 10 Euros = 110 minutes/texts)
  • Dial *104# and send it like a call to see your remaining data balance (1024mb = 1GB)

Purchasing More Call Credit:

  • You can purchase 110 additional minutes for $29 from and credit will be auto added to your account.
  • Additional options include:

Activating your voicemail:

  • Dial 401002 SEND
  • Choose option 4 for the language options
  • Select option 2 for English
  • Pressing option 7 will activate the voicemail.

Checking your voicemail:

  • Dial 401003
  • Select 5 to change the language
  • Option 2 is English
  • The default Pin is 1111

Customer Service:

  • For Uno Mobile support dial 401001 from your handset
  • For Cellular Abroad Support (M-F 8am-4pm PST):
    • From a landline (NOT available from payphones, mobile phones, and majority of hotels) 00-800-3623-3333
    • From your handset 001-310-862-7100 (not a toll free call)
    • Email or chat with us online

Roaming Rates in Europe:

Data or minute bundles are NOT supported outside of Italy, all rates deplete from standard call credit

Calls to or from EU numbers €0.23 incoming and €0.49 per minute outgoing
Texts to or from EU number free incoming / outbound €0.13 per message
Calls to or from Canada / USA €1.50 per minute incoming and outgoing
Texts to or from Canada / USA €0.50 incoming / outgoing per message
Data $0.25 per MB

Service Life:

  • Your Italian SIM card is good for 24 months from the last time call credit was added.
    • You can recharge while in the US to extend your service life.

There is a 9 Euro per month line fee which will be deducted from your available balance. We can deactivate this line fee if you want to save your remaining Euro's for your next trip! - Just email us at